1. DelsFan

    Question(s) about a Dedicated Mains Power Supply for my Rig

    Last week I had my electrician come by to (finally) install a dedicated circuit for my headphone system. He was working me in, and when he got here he had a “better” idea for routing the cable, and of course he was in a hurry. Which was fine: I’m just glad he came. I thought we would run the...
  2. iFi audio

    iFi AC iPurifier - Video Mini Series - The look, the tech, the lowdown. MORE ADDED!

    Let no noise go unsilenced If you think of mains power as the ‘gasoline’ fuelling your audio system, the AC iPurifier is the product that ensures that it’s getting a clean, super premium blend to deliver the best possible audio fidelity. The AC iPurifier is the latest in iFi audio’s stable...