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IEMs for ~$100

  1. evanatch
    Hello Head-Fi!
    I recently decided I want something better than my standard Apple earbuds so I looked around for new headphones and eventually decided in-ear versions would be best because they are more practical and portable, and don't require a lot of power.
    Basically, I want some decent headphones that don't cost much, preferably around $100, definitely nothing over $200. So far I'm kind of looking at Monster Turbines, Head-Direct/HiFiMAN RE0s, or Sennheiser IE6s. Are there better options at this price range, and what would be the best overall? (I generally listen to alternative rock, hard rock, and occasionally metal and will probably be using an older Sansa Clip, unless this is something that should definitely be replaced)
    On a side note, would you think these are fake? I assumed so by the price, but they are a top rated seller so I'm not really sure.
  2. awesomedeluxe
    I would recommend looking at the Panasonic HJE900; it has detachable cables too.
  3. oregon
    TripleFi 10... [​IMG]
  4. evanatch
    Thanks for the replies but unfortunately I can't seem to find the HJE900s, although after doing a little bit of research I would definitely buy these if I could find them for less than $110 or so. The TripleFi 10s are just too much money right now for me. 
    What are the opinions on Turbines vs. RE0s? (since the RE0s are only $80 I'd probably buy a FiiO 5 amp too)
  5. awesomedeluxe


    There was a deal on the TripleFi 10s recently; look out for sellers on ebay selling them for cheap to try and turn a quick profit.  You might could pick up a pair for ~150.
    You can always try a WTB for either pair of headphones.

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