Iem and / or over the ear headpone Recommendation
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May 3, 2007
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some in ears and / or some over the ear headphones. I will be listening for fun and non critically on my commute and at work, but may also consider another pair to listen more critically when I am not busy.

In the past I have used the klipsch x10, sennheiser ie8 and carbon basso's until they broke. I like bass with a powerful, but controlled rumble and listen to mostly hip hop, rnb, I also listen to some pop, classical, rock and a variety of music.

I'm willing to purchase two separate headphones, one for my commute (Can sacrifice some detail for more powerful bass) and another for the more critical listening (still with good bass, but preserving the finer details)

I was considering shelling out for the sony 1000xm3 as my commute headphones and then getting something like the beyerdynamics dt990 for the critical listening at home based on the rtings website recommendations and my budget. Even those two headphones are pushing my budget when combined. I would have stuck with the carbo bassos, but they are not very durable so were a poor choice for commuting and regular use.

After they broke I went to the sennheiser store and tried a bunch of stuff ranging from the HD 800 and 820 to the ie 800 and their Bluetooth headphones. I really liked the HD 800 range sound, but can't afford it right now. The sony x1000Xm3 sounds good, but not hugely detailed in my short time listening to it.

If any one has any recommendations, I would be happy to hear them.
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Interesting thread, I’d like to comment on that even though it’s months old. I went from the Etymotic HF5 to ER4XR for travelling, and just love them. In parallel I finally acquired HD800S for home while travels stopped, so I gave up with the IEMs. Honestly the HD800S is amazing and I can’t find a fault per se, but now that I could use the ER4 for travelling again, I'm thinking acquiring another pair and selling the HD800S.

Main problem with over the ear is that temperature can get very hot in Japan, or after a long day and some hair gel I refuse to damage my precious Sennheiser... in any case I believe the IEM can be a wonderful one-for-all solution. And of course I have great amp/loudspeakers at home.

Any other opinion?

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