1. Lavricables REFERENCE Silver USB-C cable

    Lavricables REFERENCE Silver USB-C cable

  2. dath

    which music tracks will be exposed for bad mixing with good headphones?

    Elaborate title there… What I mean is: I want to buy headphones for mixing, but I need to know that they will be unforgiving and expose a mix that’s lacking. What tracks do I play through them to make sure they will expose it when my mix needs work?
  3. tlite

    What Is Your Preferred Reference Setup?

    For those of you who test or compare gear, what are you using as your reference setup? As applicable to your listening would be great to know your preferred... (No need to answer everything below if you don't have or use a particular type of item for reference purposes.) Headphone Closed Back...
  4. G

    Softears RS10 vs 64 Audio u18t

    Looking for perspectives on reference gear for mixing. Currently mixing on Adams & NS10s Trying portable setup when traveling: - u18t / Lotoo P6k Effect Audio cables are transparent for me when comparing to PW Audio cables. I'm curious on how these iems sound through chord hugo2 & TT2. I...
  5. Manley Laboratories Absolute Headphone Amplifier

    Manley Laboratories Absolute Headphone Amplifier

    Class A Reference Quality Triode Tube Headphone Amplifier / Preamp, switchable between Single-Ended and Push-Pull, adjustable Negative Feedback, three gain settings, 4 pin XLR output, 3 selectable impedance settings, switchable mono / stereo, left / right balance, defeatable bass / treble EQ...
  6. Softears RSV

    Softears RSV

    RSV reference sound tuning 3-way-system with 5BA high efficiency linear phase ANOTHER LEAP FORWARD Based on the success of the company's current flagship RS10, Softears reconsidered some key concepts of the original design. Even though the RS10 holds its ground as a reference in-ear monitor...
  7. Sennheiser HD 560S

    Sennheiser HD 560S

    Reveal the truth in your music Today’s audiophiles spend hours enjoying or analyzing music, whether listening to another artist’s work or assessing their own recordings. Sennheiser’s new HD 560S headphones offer just what is required for analytical listening sessions at an accessible price...
  8. crazyhank

    Revolutionary Headphone Cable - Dancable Lazuli Nirvana (I promise will change your world!)

    Preface....this is a review about headphone cable...and I've never felt the need write one about a cable before. But the Danacable Nirvana is truly something so revolutionary, that it feels like your headphones disappear as you listen. The impact is immediate, and I would go far as to say...
  9. T

    Best Flat/Neutral Closed Back Recording/Tracking/Reference headphones under $1000?

    I've been researching many hours so far and haven't found anything that stands out. I know everyone's ear is different and is looking for different qualities. I'm looking for something that is closed back, so I can track, but also for referencing while I listen back to a track. I want the...
  10. Audeze LCD-1

    Audeze LCD-1

    OPEN CIRCUMAURAL REFERENCE HEADPHONE The LCD-1 has been meticulously engineered for reference quality sound that will appeal to even the most discerning audiophile ear. Featuring Audeze’s renowned planar magnetic technology within an open-circumaural, foldable and light-weight design, the LCD-1...
  11. ryanjsoo

    Craft Ears Reviews/Impressions Thread

    Craft Ears are a new CIEM manufacturer spearheaded by Jedrzej, a drummer, music composer, and producer from Poland. The company has been in the works for 2 years with the goal of creating the best sounding and most comfortable CIEMS for musicians and audiophiles alike. Craft Ears are a...
  12. shokyy

    Seeking advice : New to Headphones but not new to High End Audio

    I have been a dedicated audiophile for many years and had a a listening room with a fairly high end high efficiency single driver and low power SET and Laufer Teknik Memory player. I recently relocated due to a job change and now live in an apartment I am used to very resolute sound and an...
  13. iBo0m

    Acoustune Impressions thread

    Hello! I've heard from Acoustune that their new "reference" flagship HS1695TI along with HS1655CU are planned to be released during August. However, both models were already part of a few local audio exhibitions. Can anyone who was lucky to try the HS1695TI share some thoughts – I suppose that...
  14. MoonAudio

    Accepting Preorder: Audeze LCD-GX Audiophile Gaming Headphones

    Audeze LCD-GX Headphones $899.00 Expected July 2019 Preorder Now The world's first audiophile gaming headphones, the new LCD-GX advances the industry further by combining the finest in sound quality with clear voice chat for the serious purist audiophile gamer. REFERENCE PLANAR MAGNETIC...
  15. raidendavidb

    Iem and / or over the ear headpone Recommendation

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some in ears and / or some over the ear headphones. I will be listening for fun and non critically on my commute and at work, but may also consider another pair to listen more critically when I am not busy. In the past I have used the klipsch x10, sennheiser ie8...
  16. Kumitate Lab KL-Sirius

    Kumitate Lab KL-Sirius

    Kumitate Lab descrioptin (translated from Japanese) "By using the dual BA driver in the middle low band, the single BA driver in the high range and the single BA driver in the ultra high range as the 2 way of the IEM middle low band driver of 4 drivers realized the 4 way band division . Tone...
  17. blackgreen15

    Reference IEM question

    Could someone please help me with this? What is considered the most neutral, clear, detailed IEM made? I read a little about the Ultimate Ears Reference IEM, and I am very intrigued by that. Everything I like thus far has been more towards the neutral end, but I am very curious to know, is...
  18. tigwd

    <$150 IEM: HF3/HF5 vs ?

    Warm greetings and thanks in advance all. Experienced Etymotic HF3/HF5 listeners, can you recommend a better <$150 IEM for my needs? USES communications: using Zello (a walkie talkie app) with my photo/video crew shooting weddings and sports mixing/mastering: for getting another perspective on...
  19. Carson Wotell

    Best Budget in ear monitors

    I'm leaning towards the KZ ZST but I've heard good things about the auglamour R8's