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<$150 IEM: HF3/HF5 vs ?


What's the best IEM under $150 for my needs?

  1. HF3

    0 vote(s)
  2. HF5 (use phone mic for comms)

  3. Other (please specify what and why in post)

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  1. tigwd
    Warm greetings and thanks in advance all. Experienced Etymotic HF3/HF5 listeners, can you recommend a better <$150 IEM for my needs?

    1. communications: using Zello (a walkie talkie app) with my photo/video crew shooting weddings and sports
    2. mixing/mastering: for getting another perspective on mixes
    3. monitoring audio: backup to DT-1350 for monitoring cameras and field recorders
    4. music listening: 30% classical, 30% jazz, 15% alt/rock/metal, 15% hip-hop/electronic, 10% eclectic other

    • analytical vs musical: analytical—I want to hear details, including nasty ones that warrant fixing
    • flat vs fun: flat—preferably extending to [but not hyping] deep bass
    • open vs isolating: isolating—need clarity in loud environments
    • soundstage: unimportant to me

    • will be used alongside Beyerdynamic DT-1350, Sennheiser HD558, and JBL LSR305/308 w/LSR310S (TBD pending room treatment)
    • I'd love to get DT-1350 sound in IEMs, but a different perspective would be useful too. I'm prepared to spend a lot of time ear training.
    • previously owned Etymotic ER-6i and found the bass lacking, but if experts judge that appropriate for my use so be it
    • if I get an IEM without a mic, I'll be using my Samsung Galaxy J3's built-in mic for communication

    Sincere thanks! Pending feedback I'm heading for HF3.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017

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