1. Avatar86

    Analytical DAPs (question)

    What are some of the most analytical sounding DAPs you’ve heared or know of? I’m looking for a hard, tight, cold, exact, snappy sounding DAP. (As opposed to a warm, open, soft sounding player).
  2. iBasso AM05

    iBasso AM05

    5 Knowles Balanced Armature Driver units each side Impedance:- 32 ohms Sensitivity:- 115 dB +/- 2dB Frequency Range:- 10Hz-40kHz 2.5mm Balanced MMCX cable included [/LIST]
  3. AthenaZephyrian

    Brilliant linearizing/neutralizing EQ for Hifiman HE400i--like whole new headphones!!

    Hi all! I found an article in which someone has produced a linearizing set of EQ parameters (works well on equalizer APO with Peace installed) for the HE400i headphones. I believe this is for the newer version of the 400i's, as it matches with FR graphs I've seen for the new ones, and sounds...
  4. SMSL M6

    SMSL M6

    The SMSL M6 is an amp/DAC put out by the maker SMSL, and is an outlier in the manufacturer's selection so far as quality goes. Despite its price tag, it is often favorably compared to the Objective and Schiit stacks--and whether or not it matches this reputation, it's a nice budget option...
  5. AthenaZephyrian

    Detailed, airy, aggressive rolling options for Little Dot I+?

    Hi all, Just picked up a Little Dot, and some matched GE 5654W's for it, and kinda like them, but found that, while the stock 6JI's are too forward in treble and upper mids (among other faults), I did find the 5654's a bit too laid back in comparison. I found the amp to be a bit veiled...
  6. eruditass

    Amp for LCD-2 Fazor, DT880 600 Ohms and more

    Headphones: LCD-2 Fazor, DT880 600 Ohms, AKG Q701, HD6XX (soon) Source: EMU 0404 Music preferences: all over the place. metal, singer-songwriter, pop, classical, jazz, electronic Budget: ~$500, but am pretty flexible (though I don't mind saving money either) I'm looking for an amp that can...
  7. tigwd

    <$150 IEM: HF3/HF5 vs ?

    Warm greetings and thanks in advance all. Experienced Etymotic HF3/HF5 listeners, can you recommend a better <$150 IEM for my needs? USES communications: using Zello (a walkie talkie app) with my photo/video crew shooting weddings and sports mixing/mastering: for getting another perspective on...