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Reference IEM question

  1. blackgreen15
    Could someone please help me with this? What is considered the most neutral, clear, detailed IEM made? I read a little about the Ultimate Ears Reference IEM, and I am very intrigued by that. Everything I like thus far has been more towards the neutral end, but I am very curious to know, is there a particular IEM (custom or universal) that is considered to be the ultimate reference benchmark?
  2. pbui44
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  3. Blues47
    For me Akg 3003 and Etymotic er4 come to mind.
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  4. blackgreen15
  5. blackgreen15
  6. Raketen
    (apologies if the following is pedantic or already familiar)

    It seems to me that there is no such thing. 'Neutral' encompasses a pretty wide swath of sounds depending on who you ask, and in practical use 'reference' appears to be rather individuated as well (probably especially with IEMs due to the fit/anatomy's effect on their sound).For my ideals, most likely answer I can think of is ER4- not the 'ultimate' 'clear, detailed' iem (though it is clear and detailed),but due to longevity, consistency, ubiquity and relatively moderate cost, probably as close as it gets to a benchmark.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  7. blackgreen15
    Thanks, I think I am more the 'clear, detailed' fan. I appreciate whjat you are saying about fit and other things being huge variables!
  8. Raketen
    Edited my post down to try and be more concise, sorry you had to read all that blather :p
  9. blackgreen15
    Well, I found it interesting, anyway :)
  10. theveterans
    To me, the absolute reference IEM is the Shure KSE1500. For a budget level, Empire Ears Studio Reference has a very good reference tuning implementation
  11. blackgreen15
    I've heard the Shure mentioned in a few places, I wouldn't think it's out of the question price-wise. I'd rather have one amazing thing than 3 really good things. Can you comment on Crinnacle's observation that it is bass-boosted?
  12. theveterans
    The default foam tips gives it a more midbass presence than the olives. Nonetheless, it’s not as elevated as the 64-Audio U18 Tzar and Campfire Andromeda to my ears
  13. blackgreen15
    Thanks, I have Andromedas, so I can relate to that comparison. Definitely need to give this one a listen, thank you.
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