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  1. iFi audio
    Understood and going with much of the general consensus.
    1. Yes, same/similar as nano iDSD.
    2. Will do - it will be USB Audio Class 2.0.
    3. Yes USB input.
    4. Bit-Perfect on PCM and DSD!
    See Tech Talk with Thorsten:
    5. We are taking different opinions and will try our best.
    thank you
  2. iFi audio
    Tech Talk with Thorsten (Part 2)
    DACs of a feather
    There are some items that were asked for in this thread, that are simply not possible or go against fundamental principles we have. Some have asked for different DAC solutions, be it ones based on programmable logic or certain chip vendors.
    We have considered these approaches before, but we feel that for us and for the sonic results we want they do not deliver what we need. Sure, there are many ways to make a DAC and some of our competitors have done excellent work and gotten excellent results with programmable logic and with DAC Chips from Brands like AKM, CS, ESS, WM and so on. Variety is most definitely the spice of life.

    We will stick to our Burr-Brown DAC platform introduced with the iDSD nano.
    It was the result of excellent work done at Burr-Brown Japan before it became TI and was meant to be used in High End universal disk players with excellent performance for CD replay, Audio-DVD and SACD. Unlike most newer Chips from TI and many others, it retains a true multibit core for PCM replay, based on the visionary (and under-appreciated) PCM69 AND it retains Burr-Brown’s unique and excellent approach to DSD replay, first introduced with the DSD1700 Chip.
    What this means in practice is that the DSD Stream only passes an analogue lowpass filter, there is no up-conversion or data manipulation applied at all. Very few DAC Chips available today allow for this.

    Further, with this chip we retain a true Multibit PCM Core, true, only the upper 6 Bits are converted using multibit conversion, while anything below the top 6 Bits goes through a 256FS low order delta sigma modulator, in many ways this particular configuration is the best arrangement currently available, short of using a true 32 Bit Multibit DAC, which realistically speaking does not exist (yet).

    We go a step further in this case by allowing the DAC to operate optionally without digital filter for sample rates of 192KHz and lower, at 352.8 and 384KHz there is never any digital filter applied, it is not needed.
    It really is a truly magnificent sounding DAC chip, you should hear the iDSD mini prototypes. [​IMG]
    Thorsten Loesch
  3. 00lunar
    OK, I don't know about rest of the folks here, but I can only say that I trust Thorstens pick [​IMG]
  4. kugino Contributor
    I, for one, am excited to see other chip designs that allow DSD and other PCM bitrates. It seems that everyone and their brother are usin the ESS chipsets and, while they're good, I want more variety. While the iDSD micro is not in my future, I am very keen on the iDSD mini, which should share many of the design philosophies of the micro.
  5. john57

    What I want is something that gives me more of an impression of a real concert with realistic voices and players. In February I heard the demo of PS Audio DirectStream. It made me realize that there still can be significant gain in sound quality.  I am not talking about it becoming more analog or organic but just sounds more right, detailed and realistic. Until you hear the next level of SQ will you realize what you have been missing. Not all DSD recording are good and the good ones are just breathtaking. Some of the best Mahler recording I heard is on DSD.  Jared Sacks is a great location recording engineer.
    I have ordered the Nano iDSD from MusicDirect but they send me the iDAC by mistake on their part. I just send the iDAC still sealed back to MusicDirect hopefully I can get the iDSD. If the iDSD turns out to be outstanding I will keep it and wait for the mini iDSD since I need balanced outs for my Little Dot MkVI+. I will also do a short test with the iDSD and the baby Schiit, Loki as well.
  6. WNBC
    Please do.  Very interested in this comparison.
  7. abchead
    Double post. Sorry.
  8. abchead
    I just have two humble suggestions:
    I love your 3D HolographicSound®. It sounds better than regular crossfeed (e.g., those Foobar plug-ins) to my ears. Please, pretty please include it in the upcoming DAC. Don't just save it to the amp! Please!
    Second, ammm.... I know I am asking too much... but could you include maybe a "Junior" Gemini cable in the package? I know it's too much to ask for the original one, but perhaps a variant of it : )
  9. john57
    For me a longer Gemini cable like 2.5 meter made available would be idea for me. I am more of a Desktop user than music on the go. I go to concerts instead. Now playing the waiting game on MusicDirect for iDAC to iDSD exchange. I would like to see more personalization options available.  
  10. iFi audio
    Nice gfx!
    3D Holographic is a pretty hot topic - very much a fav, Noted!
    Junior Gemini is difficult - some of our dealers around the world from time to time do a bundle package so this is a distinct possibility.
  11. iFi audio
    Bespoke lengths are difficult because distributors order them in the several hundred units or so at a time.
    But if you speak to Music Direct, they may be able to collate an order of 2.5m and we then do a hundred to two-hundred run just for them,
    Just ask Music Direct - dont know if you dont ask!
  12. mobzuzu
    After reading so far, i've noticed that the Micro iDSD will have a built-in battery where the unit could be configured to be battery powered or USB powered similar to Nano iDSD but a more powerful version.
    1) - I think implementing gain switches like that of the current production iCAN Micro for the headphone output will really benefit people like me who uses sensitive BA IEMs for a more precise channel balance at low volume (issue with most POT volume control to have imbalance at very low volumes) and other various reasons.
    2) - My friend is using the Nano iDSD currently in this configuration - iPhone 5> Apple CCK> male USB A to male USB B adapter> iDSD, the that borders him was the fact that you need to use a USB cable between the apple CCK and iDSD and makes the whole setup bulky if you plan to carry it around as a portable rig, apple CCK cannot be avoided as fact and the shortest USB cable is still troublesome until he recently found an electronics store selling this male to male USB A to B adapter that replaced the need to use a USB cable.
    basically a USB A to B cable in a block form.
    The adapter was very short (shorter and smaller than the female USB B to male micro USB adapter that is packaged with my iPurifier), the adapter worked wonderfully and the setup is so much neater and portable.....however not all electronics stores are selling those adapter and it will be great if IFI includes them as accessories with the Micro iDSD or even the Nano iDSD in the future.
  13. hellopanda
    I guess all the technical stuff are covered. How about aesthetically having more colors like champagne Gold or bright Red replaceable casings?
  14. mobzuzu

    That's the adapter in action!!!
  15. iFi audio
    1. Yes, with the nano iDSD, +70% of nano iDSD customers use primarily with their existing IEMs - the ones designed for iPhones so gain/attenuation is a very popular request. Further as the vol control is an analogue one, then it is best to "open it up" ie 12'o clock or further to max sonics.
    2. We shall speak to our logistics people and see what can be done. No promises, but will try. 

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