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IC : GTA area summer meet

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  1. FallenAngel Contributor
    Hey guys,

    It's been a while since I've seen the friendly faces of the GTA crowd and I'm starting to miss the crew.

    I've also got some new goodies to show off and would love to hear what's new with your systems.

    Maybe it's time to organize a meet this summer!

    An update from me is that I'm now in downtown Oakville on the west end of GTA and no longer have access to a great party room but it may be possible to book a large conference room at a nearby hotel - the Holiday Inn Oakville (Centre). I'm getting details now.

    Of course if anyone would like to host, I'm very happy to be an encouraging thorn in your foot. Otherwise, I'd like to do an interest check for people willing to come down for the legendary FallenAngel style meet in my new area. :D

    Please let me know your availability and interest here.

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  2. ambchang
    That would be awesome, would love to be part of this. I can potentially look at booking a meeting room in a local community centre, but I live in Markham and do not have great access to public transportation. As long as we can get people to carpool then I think we are good.

    From a gear perspective, I got the Cambridge CXN to replace my old laptop --> Geek Pulse Infinity setup, and got another Cambridge DacMagic Plus to drive the aluminum v4s. Also got the Noble X to replace the Fender FXA6.

    Still very happy with the Stax/KGSS and the HE6/Sansui setup, but doubtful I will be bringing those in this time as it is a real hassle.
  3. nephilim32
    Fellas!! I'm all game as well. :wink:
    Location won't be a problem. I'm always happy to travel to meet you guys.

    Not too much new gear with in my sonic world, however I would like to bring my ARCAM irDAC to show off this time. It's a real beast and I think it will surprise a lot of us Head FI dudes. :)

    Anyhow. Keep me posted on details, my friends. Also, the new head if site lags a lot and crashes/freezes on my device a lot, so I don't post as frequently these days. :frowning2:
  4. bigfatpaulie
    I would be interested in attending. It would be great to see everyone again.
  5. FallenAngel Contributor
    That hotel seems to be a flop because they want $600+ for a rental.
    I'm looking at library and community center rooms.

    The response is rather slim though... I think it's the location? :frowning2:
  6. bigfatpaulie
    Probably... Oakville makes it a no go for me for me personally and I have a car.
  7. ambchang
    If it's a community centre, like I mentioned, I can look into community centres in Markham.

    BTW, just got the HP1000, in the mail now. If this is a go, I will be bringing it in.
  8. FallenAngel Contributor
    ambchang - with all possible respect, FU!!! I can't believe you got an HP1k, as if we weren't already jealous already. :)
    I would love to see them!
    It looks like Oakville is a no-go.

    Let's look around Toronto.

    I can look for spaces in the area but anyone available to host and organize would be really appreciated.
  9. charliex
    The response is rather slim though... I think it's the location? :frowning2:[/QUOTE]

    Hey My Friend,
    I got your message from the other night. Yes, it has been too long! So I see you've moved to Oakville (a good distance from Barrie). What's your address so that I can google map it, and see what route and time is recommended.
    I'd like to attend your meet and will do my best to come. I hope that the others don't mind me dragging around my oxygen tanks : ). I've got no new gear, and am thinking about starting to sell off some gear.

  10. bigfatpaulie

    I hope all is well with you!

    I don't want sound like a vulture... But there are a few things I would take off your hands today should you be looking to part ways and give them a good home :)
  11. ambchang
    Folks, I found this online: https://www1.toronto.ca/parks/prd/facilities/complex/714/index.htm

    I can book the C room, which has the capacity for up to 50 people. I will have to check the rates to see how much it is, but I would imagine that given it's community centre, I should be able to foot the bill. It's at Oriole so there will be public transit available. I would say I will aim some time in September / October, depending on availability.

    Other than number of outlets and tables, what other requirements do we need?

    Does this sound good?
  12. SirBashALot
    I am definitely interested in attending. I do not drive so transporting my gear is an issue. If someone lives in KW and willing to assist I'd love to bring everything I got. Don't have anything fancy but hey!
  13. FallenAngel Contributor
    I just spoke with the Oakville Public Library and they have a couple of rooms with a hit or miss booking schedule. I'll find out for certain on Monday. It sounds like a 4 hour booking for their auditorium isn't out of the question and won't be hard to book for a weekend a few weeks in advance. How do people feel about getting down to Oakville? :)
    Hello guys, I am sure some of you may know me but let me introduce myself. I am a reviewer and founder of soulsikreviews.com. Also located in Canada as well. I can promise you that I will have full control. Which means you will have full control of what we do there as part of the meetup.

    I have a meeting at markham @ canada computers coming up this saturday. But if you are interested in another meeting in the GTA, I can organize it to do it at a store so we have sources, gears, etc and you can bring your own as well. ( so will i XD)
    I can do it in a store in markham, downtown, etc.

    Let me know what you guys think !

    Stores will have most headphones you can imagine. and all for testing and a lot of sources. some example would be:
    all LCD headphones
    Hifiman Susvara
    MDR z7
    MDR z1r
    all grado
    all sennheiser
    and..... way more than I can think of right now

    potential gears I can bring from out studio, aside from all the headphones you can try at the store is:
    Hifiman edition x v2
    LCD i4
    Noble kaiser encore
    Noble x
    LZ A4
    VE Zen, asura, monk
    1more quad
    astell and kern kann
    fiio x5 3rd gen
    runabout 2.0 b
    yulong da9
    darkvoice 336 se
    yulong canary

    you can check for future meetups as well as the current one coming up this Saturday, that we host by following this page: https://www.facebook.com/Soulsikreviews-242981716166695
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2017
  15. SirBashALot
    Okay soulsikreviews have some sick(lol?) gear to bring to the table! We should get as many people on board as possible to attend the meetup. I'm on soulsikreviews discord channel and watch the reviews. Support this Canadian reviewer so these meetups grow and we can get companies like Sennheiser to attend!
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