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  1. bonehelm
    I hope it’s sat evening!
  2. canonlp
    Best of luck with the planning. I'm currently away from Toronto, wish I could be there
    Adrian from audio excellence is back and he told me he will give me firm date by tmr.
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  4. TjPhysicist
    little dissapointed at BBR for being so rigid, but as others said it did sound too good to be true in a way. At any rate, I missed it last time so hopefully I can join in this time. As long as it is within November!
  5. kauljp
    I too would like to join the meet and hope that it happens soon. Fingers crossed
  6. bigfatpaulie

    I agree with Bryan here, thank you Soulsik for all the effort but... I will pass as well. I have not been to a lot of Head-Fi meets, but I have been to a lot of wrist watch meets (maybe 'support groups' is more fitting :) ) and it is nice when a store or boutique throws a splashy little party but there isn't setup and the like as there is with headphones. With headphone stuff I think the current format is really as close to ideal as can be. If a vendor wants to attend, meet potential customers and bring stuff to showcase, chip in for a venue or refreshments, I think that's great but to actually host a meet, I'm not sure. From a business perspective unless you are thinking you are going to sell a lot of product I don't see it making financial sense, especially considering the risk they would be accepting and resources they have to dedicate. If they are thinking they are going to sell a good amount, then it becomes a very commercialise event, almost like a Holt's "Private Shopping Event" which really has very little to do with the customer aside getting money out of them: no one goes for fun. Having it at an actual store seems problematic on both sides, at least to me. I think at this point it is relatively safe to say this isn't going to pan out anyway - "tomorrow" being November 12th.

    I may be up for hosting another meet in the early spring. December is wash for me and we head out west to see both my and my wife's parents for a few weeks. We also typically run away from winter for half of January and most of February so we are talking March/April by the time things settle down for me. Meets require a very solid effort and a big time commitment to plan a prepare for and if I'm not going to be able to give it my best, I'm not doing one. Anyway, time will tell.
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  7. ilcg1
    I’m in for the meet if you are going to host one :wink:
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  8. bigfatpaulie
    Thanks :) I'm thrilled to hear you had a good time!
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