Ibasso PB5 the next dedicated portable Amplifier
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Oct 14, 2013
I happened to have found a couple posts about this on facebook. I couldnt find any thread for it here
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because with tubes you will always get a coloration of sound, which i dont like. i am into flat neutral sound.
That is not true, you do get the even harmonic distortion that SS just can’t give, unless you have good experiences in tuning. But as long as you are into High-End, there is no such thing as tube > SS or The other way. The discussion leads on and on, but whoever said such , is either inexperienced, or was misleading. Solid state can be tuned with overwhelmingly bright or warm, and this is where reviews would help out. However, there is no such thing as Only SS can be Flat/Neutral and Tubes can only be colored/not Neutral

The reasons why most audiophiles even High-end system do prefer tubes is due to the overtone which directly related to their harmonic distortions. This will be where preferences lead. For example, there is no reason to have Even harmonic to E-guitar in rock genres. But if you preferably said so, then why not ?

Remember, it is all a subjective matters, no right and no wrong. There is also no such thing as “perfectly Neutral or perfectly Flat either”
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wow 1700mw is crazy. unfortunately i would never use any tubes in my setups. hope they will do a high end alternative to a topping g5 next.

Why comment then? If you're never going to use this product and have no interest why comment?
Unless you're just here to lord your "superiority" over the rest of us then go ahead and Flex away since you obviously need it.

I'll never understand posts like this and why people can't just carry on.
Do you stop and poke your head into random stores and tell them your not interested in thier products cause you have "better" stuff?
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any info about release date?
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because with tubes you will always get a coloration of sound, which i dont like. i am into flat neutral sound.
If you haven’t owned (or auditioned) an Ibasso tube device, this comment is understandable. FYI Ibasso tube power is not coloured, timbre speaking. It is reference tuned, meaning it will adapt to the nature of the recording. If it’s vocal emphasised, will give the most hifi in vocal recordings. If it’s edm, you’re surely gonna dance to it…

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