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iBasso DX220

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xLoud, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. xLoud
  2. newtophones07
    You mean I have to wait til April to send Ibasso, even more of my hard earned $$? Oh the anticipation.
  3. davidmolliere
    I want one !
  4. CobraMan
    Sweet! Can hardly wait for more details...

  5. Whitigir
    It was a joke ! Dx220 is Dx200 and Amp20 module :wink:

    Just kidding
    icefalkon and gc335 like this.
  6. PointyFox
    Maybe they fixed the EMI from the wifi?
  7. Marburger
    I hope it will not be over 1K
  8. deniska80
    I wonder what is it?
  9. davidmolliere
    I would’t overthink it, more likely than not it’s just the mockup, I don’t see 4G/5G coming into the picture :p
    superuser1 likes this.
  10. superuser1
    Renderer's blunder! :p
  11. Whitigir
    It is an indication of how long or how many months before productions is here. 4 bars, probably indicating 4 months :wink:. Similar to what @twister6 posted about people interpreted the hidden message :D kakaka
    John2e likes this.
  12. davidmolliere
    Reading too much into it I think but we’ll see if it goes down to 3 bars in a month :wink:
  13. artpiggo
    Putting 1 sim card for internet like an ipod?
  14. xLoud
    There will be no SIM card support and most likely it will be availble by April 2019.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  15. davidmolliere
    Don’t believe it one bit, no SIM card is my (safe) bet :)
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