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iBasso DX160 - The listening experience only gets better and better. Check for latest Online Update. Unboxing 1st Page.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 3, 2019.
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  1. Arghavan
    Yeah the USB-C cable in my DX150 box was faulty as well. I think they should change the supplier.
  2. marcusd
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  3. davidmolliere
    Great review :)

    “It is ridiculously good at $399“, every day I am telling this to myself... one of the best value for money I ever spent...
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  4. Sinarca
    So it seems BT works well after Headfonics review
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
  5. brugis
    I have oportunity to buy DX200 with amp1 for a price of dx160... I think i go with 200 because of build materials and chengable battery and amp modules...
  6. dharmasteve
    "BT works well". In this world or the next world? BT on the DX160 is poor. Unless you're Donald Trump who will claim it's wonderful. Fake news. Bluetooth on the DX160 is shite.
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  7. superuser1
    Who does one listen to .... why can't people just make it simpler.. sigh!!
  8. superuser1
    The review mentions DLNA in the BT section... I don't quite understand!!
  9. marcusd
    Its a general wireless section covering both WiFi and BT, DLNA falls under wireless performance, after which there is a section on BT :) Hope that helps.
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  10. beemarman
    When connected to my Chord Hugo using the fiio cable I can't get any 16/44 tracks to play. It works with higher rez files but not any 16/44. Has anyone come across this?

    I have this issue with Tidal and the Built-in Mango app as well. I can't output 16bit 44.1khz tracks.

    FiiO CL06 Type C to Micro USB OTG Cable
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
  11. CactusPete23
    Have had a DX160 for a couple of days. Some comments:
    - Sound quality is Excellent; both on 3.5 SE and 4.4mm balanced with music from MicroSD Card.
    - Wifi was fine to get latest updates. Surprised that it shows Only 3 bars out of 4 when 4 feet away from router. But 34.8-36.5 Mbps download 42.6-44.4 Mbps upload speeds look good. Signal stayed about those same speeds until I got about 27-30 ft away with 2 walls in between. At that location sudden drop to 15.8 Down / 10.4 Upload. (Until 5 feet before that point, was getting same good speeds listed above.)
    - Bluetooth is a weaker than my Hidizs AP80. With clear light of sight, can get LDAC to Earstudio ES100 At about 10-12 feet. With my back to the DX160, and the ES100 on my chest, usable distance drops to about 6-8 feet. (This was to test the signal strength drop; as signal has to go through/around my ca. 165 lb body.)
    - Bluetooth Testing a cheap pair of Bluetooth earphones SBC only, could not get drop free connection @ 1 ft away. (FYI, These same earphones go out 30 feet and through walls with my LG-G6 sending Bluetooth.) (Was expecting/hoping these to sound clear out to 20+ feet...)
    - I had the sound stop completely on some DSD files. Player would shows time on the music still advancing, but sound stops. 3 songs from same album have done this. Sound quality was good while playing. Restarting PLAY again the files sometimes play flawlessly. Unsure what might be causing this. I do not have much DSD so not a big deal for me. Same DSD files play flawlessly on the Hidisz AP80, and on the LG-G6.
    - Had one flac file stutter for a microsecond in middle of song. Re-played the track and no stutter. Never had this on other players. Only happened that 1 time. WIFI was on, but was not using it. No Apps Installed by me.
    - I do not normally stream music. If there is a free way to do this, I could test some. Wifi Speeds look more than fast enough music, and good range to around 25 feet and 1 wall (16" 2X4" Wood framed, Sheetrock on both sides).
    Did not try to use the DX160 as a Bluetooth Receiver.

    Great Sound and worth the price. (But if you want to use bluetooth, recommend using any smartphone. As even cheap ones like my Old ZTE Axon 7 Mini have Much Better Bluetooth Signal Strength.)
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  12. majo123
    I agree bluetooth is poor, in tests drop outs constantly, luckily im not a bluetooth user...wifi has been good and constant streaming Amazon hd, it's not the strongest signal as in distance but adequate....audio is fantastic! very well tuned dap, well for my tastes anyway and excellent low noise floor.
    Buy this if you want excellent audio at a low cost as it punches way above its price point in my opinion, but dont buy if wanting it for bluetooth....none the less i will be keeping it
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  13. tasdisr
    Newbie question about the DX160 and DAPs in general. I am using a pair of iBasso it01s and a Fiio BL44 4.4mm male to 2.5mm female balanced and the sound volume seems low even at maximum level. Am I missing something here? When I use the 2.5mm female to 3.5mm adapter in the line output the volume levels are fine.
    I know this is probably a dumb question but thought I would ask anyway.
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    Are you on high gain? Even on low gain, at max volume, for me, the IT01s, which are easy to drive, are way too loud.
  15. tasdisr
    Not sure. I will have to check tonight or tomorrow morning when I have a chance.
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