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guys please can anyone make comparison between zune and the X SQ wise or even the X and the psp?i am really considering that player but i want to be sure before i pull the trigger. i have the zune120 so space is not my concern, i am only interested in SQ and wheather it is really a step up or not.
by the way i have the ie8 so will it sound good or not.thx for any help
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X is better than the 120 sound wise. Not listed in my sig because I don't have past portables listed. Also, the Sony EQ is really good if you feel it's necessary - but unlike the D2 I think the Sony sounds fantastic flat.


Also, initial impressions:

Sound quality is excellent as expected. The lower end of the bass spectrum is the most noticeable improvement from the D2. I haven't spent much time listening though so I'll go into specifics more when I get some time to actually enjoy the X.

Browser is a joke. I wouldn't use it unless I was really bored or it was some kind of fantasy sports emergency =p. As expected, however.

Youtube works very well from my limited use so far.

Haven't gotten a chance to try slacker radio yet.

As far as videos, I'm not sure if anyone is having problems with them and I'm too lazy to read this entire thread but a temporary solution is DVD Catalyst 3. I've only converted one video so far to test it, but the resolution as stated by SONY is not right, at least it's not the limit. Credit to h1a8 from ABI for this info:

Now start Catalyst 3 and choose Sony (video player device) then go to walkman NWZ. Hit modify and choose 424x240 resolution (best) or lower. Choose framerate 24 (best). Choose bitrate 1000kbps or lower (best).

For widescreen from source to widescreen on player go to global settings and Choose remove blackbars from file (leave film unmodified).

For widescreen from source to fullscreen on device choose remove blackbars from device.

Also, I'd suggest increasing the brightness to 5, as I think has already been mentioned here. Beautiful picture with 5 brightness instead of 3.
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ok man thx for your reply but do you think that the x is better by $200 than the zune SQ wise?i only have the zune and psp and although the psp sound is better than the zune as it have wider soundstage,more treble and sparkle, very clean and detailed sound, i just dont feel that it is x2 better than my zune so if the X series is the same sound signature then i will have to pass and wait for the zune HD.
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Well, whether or not it's better by $200 is a tough question.

Are the Sennheiser IE8's 6x better than the NE-7M's? Are they 2x-3 better than the Monster Turbines? That's up to you and your wallet.

What kind of features do you need or want? How important is having the best SQ? Do you like/dislike touch screens?

There are a lot of factors to consider. If you don't think the PSP is 2x better than the Zune maybe you should just wait around for the Zune HD. It should be impressive with the tegra chip but only time will tell.

I like the Sony X. It seems like a great player with fantastic SQ that could have been the best all around player if not for some crucial mistakes by Sony, but I don't feel it's worth $400 in its current form.
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Thanks zalithian for your help.well i have HTC touch pro so ya i like touchscree and i use it for browsing the net and actually i downloaded netfront browser on it some time ago and it was literally a joke(it is that bad).i use opera browser and mini and skyfire and i watch youtube on it and it is way better than the X youtube because the pro resolution is 480x640 so it is of much more higher resolution.so as you see i dont need any of the X features except for only the radio and SQ.so do you think that it worth payong $400 FOR SQ(by the way i have that kind of money) or should i wait for the zune HD??by the way does the TEGRA chip improves sound quality? i know that it will improve the zune's performance and acceleration and video quality but what about SQ do you have any idea?thx again for your help
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Depends what kind of SQ you like. Seems you'd be into the sound. If you get it from Amazon or a local store, you can just return it if you don't like it, no? If you've got the money you might as well try it, and if you don't like it - return it and save that money for the Zune HD. Also, if you do like it, you could sell another play to cover some of the difference.

Tegra chip should be impressive but I'm not sure how the new Zune will sound. It could sound the same as the 120, or it could sound much better. Nobody will know until they get to hear it.
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if i buy it,i will buy it from local sony store but unfortunatly they dont have return policy.i think ill just wait until the zune HD is released and then read you headfiers your review
. and yes my main concern is SQ even if i have to pay more.
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Hi,peep on Anythingbutipod thinks A728 slightly louder in comparison to the X ie 16 on A728 compared to 17 on the X.
Tried loads of progs for video,easyish enough for 320 x 240,odd one i think will do 432 x 240(forgot which
).Getting from Vob(personally owned etc etc) to MP4/AVC,with least progs tricky,then 432 x 240.
Just trying this:-

RipBot264 v1.14.2 - Simple and easy to use GUI -> IPOD . PSP . CONSOLES . BLURAY - Doom9's Forum

Lets you select a fair few things,especially 432 x 240,Profile1.3,bitrate etc.Its not as complicated as it looks.Read page 265,surprising what the Sony will play.
Certainly looks good if your into Bluray(your own) etc anyway

Cheers BOB

ps bought a cheap £4.99 P & P free Silicon case(Easyi),off Amazon seller & its OK(that other one posted looks great thou),its just to tidy me over till Official Leather one becomes available in the UK(really liked the official A829 one,so hope as good).
Those Easyi front & back screen protectors are pretty good also,especially for the price.Certainly cheaper than the many i have bought for PDA's(been through the anti reflective etc etc bit like most,then to ultra clear).Thinnish but just goes into recess's.And won't be touched with a stylus.
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Originally Posted by midoo1990 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
if i buy it,i will buy it from local sony store but unfortunatly they dont have return policy.i think ill just wait until the zune HD is released and then read you headfiers your review
. and yes my main concern is SQ even if i have to pay more.

What sony store doesn't have a return policy? Mine does, even if you buy it online from sony you have 30 days to return it.
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Have nayone gotten youtube to work? My x-series is worrying me. I tried today and it said "file not supported"? HELPP
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My youtube worked with no problems whatsoever. Did you plug it in and have Windows media player 11 installed? Someone said theirs wouldn't move videos without it, not sure if it has anything to do with it.
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Originally Posted by midoo1990 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
hey photoman can you compare zune120 with the X SQ wise. i think i read in this enormous thread somewhere that you said that the X is better but can u elaborate and give more detail?thx

Hey midoo1990. Just put it this way. I listen to my Zune 120 last night and I can tell u that it was like someone put a lid on my music. The separate of the instruments are amazing and the detail is sharp on the X. So unless the Zune HD change their SQ it won't be a match in SQ and thats my main reason. Plus I hear stuff that I never heard on my songs.
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Mine works, but NOT all videos are playable with the X.
For basic troubleshooting, please try to access Internet from other places/APs. Sometimes, ISPs, proxy settings, firewall or anything between the X and youtube, can block the video streaming.

Thank you.
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i'll stop by my local coffee shop and try it again. I was able to surf the internet but youtube had issues.

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