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I have 100 dollars and need In-Ears, recommendations?

  1. LankySwag
    I'm a huge Hip Hop head so that's what I listen to. I listen to it through an iPod/iPhone, what would be the best headphones?

    Thanks for your help, I've looked through a couple guides and was so confused, I felt its be easier to talk to y'all directly.
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  2. LankySwag
    Pls help :'((

    I need guidance
  3. djvkool
    Hip Hop? Hippo VB from Jaben
  4. ItsMeHere
    which kind of a sound would you like to get? The strongest bass? a more balanced sound?
    If you want the strongest bass, I'll recommend you the Hippo VBs, as the poster above me suggested. They have the strongest and most powerful bass out of all of the IEMs that I've ever tried.
  5. ZARIM
    The FXD80, Turbine, Yamaha EPH100, EX310 are good match for these genres music with tight punchy bass.
  6. NA Blur
    I would go with a pair of Brainwavz M2 and add in a set of Comply T-400 foam tips.  The total cost will be $100 or less and the sound and durability you will receive will be quite rewarding.
  7. FieldingMellish
    Lanky, you can get confused here as you can anywhere else because each member likes what they like and you'll wind up with more options to choose from. I find this link helpful, because the author, ClieOs, has separated all kinds of IEM's by sound properties. You'll find the area dedicated to bass and see images and succinct, brief, yet incisive descriptions of each.
  8. cel4145
    For good price, I just ordered the ViSang R03 off Amazon, the same earphone as the Brainwavz M2 (see the discussion following the review). 
  9. LankySwag
    A balanced sound really. Because too much base can really kill the soulful samples in songs. But too less bass can destroy the flow of a whole song.
    So really good bass, yet not overpowering, know what i mean?
  10. LankySwag
    Oh and also, these will be my first headphones besides the Apple ones you get for free lol.
    How big of a difference is truly there?
  11. cel4145
  12. LankySwag
    Ok thanks

    Still looking for headphones. I'm thinkin about the Brainwavz
  13. LankySwag
    Still would like some more opinions/suggestions lol, thanks
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor
    There's been too many problems with channel imbalance on Hippo VB these past six months.You would be better off looking at Monster Turbine on Amazon or something like Fisher Audio Eterna. I would avoid VB due to their on-going problems recently. Other than that they would of been a decent choice. Turbines have the bass you want and will perform better sonically then VB does anyway. I've had both keeping the Turbines.
  15. LankySwag
    Might cop them and comply tips

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