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I agree!!!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by googleli, Aug 6, 2011.
  1. googleli
    Took this photo at the Hong Kong AV show today. I agree with this statement - so I have decided not to even try any of the Dr. Dre's even though they are right there. Sorry Dr. Dre.
  2. wje
    Are you sure you took the right picture?  I thought this one had a valid statement.
  3. redwarrior191
    ^^ LOL.. great ninja photoshop..
  4. koolkat
    I think both pics were shopped xD
  5. BotByte


    By the glare and dirt placed on the original picture
    and on account Bestbuy shouts it when you walk in, Monster actually says that.
  6. sidel
    "to listen the bad"
  7. Parall3l
    The Irony [​IMG] I'm going to make this my signature.
  8. crinacle
    "Life's too short to listen to our headphones"
  9. sidel
    Are those earphones made into heads meant to be someone in particular?
  10. Ishcabible


    People that still like Gwen Stefani.
  11. sidel

    At first I couldn't tell it was a head (sitting far away / no glasses on)
    And then I couldn't tell who it was supposed to be-- and I guess google didn't know either.
    The more I ask myself about these things, the more confused / un-hip I feel.
  12. Ishcabible


    They're the Harajuku Lovers IEM's (Harajuku is originally a perfume line Gwen Stefani made). The only reason I know what they are is because I've gotten continual, "I want those cute Harajuku earphones!" from a few friends.
    ...anyways. The obvious grammar fail on the poster is inexcusable.
  13. googleli
    The doll thing and the turbine gold (copper?) can be read as a "to" given the shape of the doll thing. I know it is stretching it, but let's give some face to Monster since they are already embarrassing themselves with this ad.
  14. sidel

    That still sounds a little odd with "the" in there --  "the bad headphones",  which really doesn't make it any worse than someone just goofing it up.   Monster has actually more or less made that a slogan of theirs.
  15. googleli
    There were a lot more people at the Monster / Beats booth than those at other headphone /IEM booths, e.g. JH Audio, Westone, Final Audio Design, UE booths... Funny.

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