HZSOUNDS Heart Mirror
Feb 2, 2023 at 4:28 AM Post #92 of 93
Well, my package HiFiGO arrived after 2 months (took 1 month to even ship) and no OG Heart Mirrors but 2 Pro's... I'm not happy about that.


I knew my order was delayed because something was not in stock and I have a feeling it was the Heart mirrors and not the space like I initially thought. I'm going to ask HiFiGo why they shipped the Pro's. I already have a Heart Mirror pro and while I do like it, I don't need another two.

I can somewhat get their thinking as it can be considered a free upgrade as the pro is more expensive if they can't get any OG anymore, I don't think is as good as the OG Heart Mirror. But at least contact me about it. By the time they shipped it the Zero was released or just about to release so they knew about that one which is said to have the same sound as the OG. If they would have given me the option to swap the OG with a zero and refund the difference I would have been fine with it.

Out of curiosity I did open one of them as there is always the option that they used the pro packaging to ship a OG Heart Mirror. Would have been strange but not unheard of as I've seen similar things in other situations when something is out of production. It was just a regular pro based on looks but I didn't test it. Might still do that to see is it has the sound of the OG as the tuning might have been largely done with filters...

I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to send them back when given the option as I can probably cover my losses better by selling the one that is still sealed at or a bit below MSRP ($80/€80) as a HM Pro will set you back at least €93 here in the EU due to taxes. And keep the other one to use it's cable, case and some tips on the Heart Mirror Zero I'm going to get as that one doesn't come with the tips I always use on the Heart Mirror or a case. A modular cable is always welcome and it will probably end up on the Zero as well.

I know one thing, depending on their response I'm probably not going to buy anything from HiFiGo unless I can't get it anywhere else (eg exclusives) and really want it.

At least the Tanchjim Space is great. Sounds good, easy to use, with the volume buttons and manual selection between low and high gain instead of load/volume based like a lot of others. All in a surprisingly small package.
Feb 13, 2023 at 4:38 PM Post #93 of 93
So this one showed up out of nowhere. I didn't expect to get it in for another week.



While it no longer has the tips I always use or the case, it still has the filters and the denim pouch is pretty nice. I can get always get the tips from one of the pro sets (of which I'll be selling the sealed one to recover some funds). Cable is a bit of a downgrade but it works and I do have others ready if I think it's necessary to replace it.

Sound wise it's just as the reviews say, the Heart Mirror Zero is a OG heart mirror with maybe a little more bass. But that might just be the new vs (well) used driver, as I often find that the bass settles down after about 3~6 hours on a DD.

For now I'm just going to use it as a replacement to the OG as a daily carry to reduce the wear and tear on the OG.

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