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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. greyforest
    Yes and i am still being sarcastic.......

    Honestly i do not expecting any difference from optic cable, and this one certainly not making the sound better.
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  2. musickid
    Thankyou for your honesty.
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  3. rkt31
    Tt2 +HMS set up is extremely revealing of any experiment. So far i found that more than one or two ferrites on power cable (of power amp or SMPS of tt2 or hms ) has detrimental effect. One or two ferrites do improve sound by making the background blacker but adding more ferrite affects the focus and punch by some kind of modulating interaction with current . Vocals lose clarity, sound becomes fuzzier. When more transparent is the system, easier is to discern these differences. I have no ferrites on furutech dual BNC cables(but i added additional layer of copper tape insulation). I have two ferrites on power distribution cable one at each end. I also use 5 number ifi ac purifier in reverse polarity and it made by far the biggest difference to sound . Now my systems with limited number of ferrites and some power conditioning sounds extremely clean and devoid of any character. Surprisingly some audiophile chesky and RR recordings sound warmer than I was used to and at the same time some other recordings bright and thin also than i was used to. So i would say tt2 +HMS brings out the traits of music more effectively. Best part is the life like presentation of vocals which prompts everybody "is there someone singing in the other room ? "
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  4. gnomen
    Thanks MK. I had not realised there is a difference between 'built-in output' and 'systems output'.
    I no longer have the 2013 iMac with an optical output port. The 2019 iMac I purchased recently does not have it. So I don't think there is any way to get optical out now, other than using a network bridge which provides it.
  5. N Quarter
    Sarcasm is fine, but I still have no clue if he likes the cable or not, why not just tell the truth about his impressions?
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  6. bluenight
    Did you order from Futureshop.uk then they where really fast? For me to ship to sweden it can take a week or more sometime.

    Anyway thats not what i am hearing with this optical cable( less veil, more transparancy). But you seem out of luck with the gear you have recently bought for exe TT2 problems and all. What do you mean by clipping?
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
  7. greyforest
    The truth is i am ambiguous about the change, clearly it sound different from the pvc optic. It sound different compared to usb as well. People talk about cables very enthusiastically like the sound signatures and musicality etc which are all subjective. But clipping (distortion) is relatively objective(at least in my system). I am shocked to find out optic dose make the digital signals to be altered but mean while the changes is not moving towards better but simply different.
  8. greyforest
    I ordered from the local dealer with much more reasonable price. I guess tt2 and hugo2 are different after all. Clipping means distortion, the diaphragm is clipping. My impression with this cable on tt2 is it made the soundstage little bit expanded. But also made midrange sounded thin. Sometimes I can barely hear the dialogue during movies scene.
  9. mightyKyn
    Guys some help please.

    did some major upgrades in last 2 weeks

    I need to know best volume the tt2 should be at when feeding another preamp

    I got a parasound JC5 AMP and the JC2BP PRE... the TT2 feeds the JC2


    all of this goes into Raidho D3.1 loudspeakers.

  10. bluenight
    Oh i think its has very clear and articulate voices. I get the impression that the supra (i have that is much cheaper) has more bass and is warmer then the mavros but mavros is more articulate with less bloom and veil. Supra is more forgiving and sound smoother with porer recordings lowerbitrate content. Mavros have more higher frequency information more texture. Anyway thats my impression.

    Clipping isent it something you only get when playing to loud. Are you listening with HP or speakers? I dont hear any clipping on my mavros optical but i dont play so loud that it would cause the HP to clip.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    What? No. A DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) would output an analogue signal that all Chord DACs can't accept. You may be thinking of bypassing CORE audio processing in the MAC which Audirvana+ can do.

    I use Audirvana+ with my old 2011 17" MBP and it uses optical just fine. Any digital transmission will bypass the computers DAC and send a bitstream to the Chord DAC. The trick is to use software that doesn't alter the original signal.
  12. Chester Rockwell
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  13. kelly200269
    Why don't you just use the TT2 in DAC mode/fixed output?
    If you're feeding an external preamp, this is how the TT2 should be used/set.
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  14. rkt31
    There is no fixed dac output as such in chord dacs. It's just a volume preset. Ideally I would like to use High output of tt2 without much digital attenuation into a power amp directly. ( I use ahb2 power amp in low gain which allows tt2 operate in its higher output range without much digital attenuation ) if you want to use tt2 with pre, then if you use too high a output of tt2 it will be attenuated in analog domain by pre. If you use too low a output of tt2 then you won't need much analog attenuation in pre but then there will be more digital attenuation in tt2. I have experimented with mojo and a class d integrated amp. I found analog pot attenuation has lesser depth perception than mojo's digital attenuation. So a best balance has to be found between the two attenuation.
  15. N Quarter
    Pretty sure the TT2 is a fixed output in DAC mode,from what I remeber when using it into my Cary audio preamp.
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