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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. N Quarter
    Too late, it is already ordered, and I traded in some Naim Superlumina cables towards it. I doubt a headphone shop would let me do that.
  2. nomad777
    True... hope you get it... I got mine in days...
  3. N Quarter
    Of course I will get it, and the waiting does not bother me much, it kind of builds my excitement. In the meantime I have been trying various amps and speakers with my local dealer with my TT2, connected to his Blu2. Audio Eden is a 4.5 hour drive for me, one way. My local dealer (Windsor) is retiring, and trying to liquidate his remaining gear, so I am trying to find my perfect end game setup.
  4. N Quarter
    I got a call yesterday that my Mscaler has arrived. Unfortunately I will not be able to pick it up until Dec 21st. I also demoed an amp connected to the TT2 directly, since the only amp I currently have is 20 years old (Anthem). I was very impressed with the new amp, and have agreed to purchase it, so I am covered driving practically any speaker. The amp is a Belles 150A Reference V2, which is 125 into 8 Ohms, 250 into 4 Ohms. What I find different about it, is that it is all class B, which I have not really heard of before, usually A-B, A, or D, but it sounded stunning driving Neat Ultimatum MF5’s, however, I also demoed a pair of Harbeth P3esr’s with it, this was my first time hearing any Harbeth speaker, and I just loved them. Harbeth will be my next speaker purchase, I am going to demo a few different models in Toronto in 2 weeks, when I go pick up the Mscaler. The 30.1 or 30.2, and P3esr are on my short list.
  5. xxx1313
    My DXP-1A5S LPS with 15V output finally arrived. I have no spare DC cable left, so I use a cheap DC male to male adapter to connect DXP-1A5S with Poweradd PP2:

    DXP-1A5S is fed by the PP2 with 16V, because the input voltage of DXP-1A5S should ideally be slightly higher than its output voltage (15V). I use the same Ghent 7N DC cable between DXP-1A5S and MScaler that was used before for direct connection of PP2 and MScaler. The sound difference is nothing less than astonishing. Tonality is darker, the sound is more natural with much better timbre. Soundstage width could be a bit less depending on which power supply was used before, but the stage is deeper with great instrument separation. Very relaxed sound with black background, but also very engaging and dynamic when it is called for.

    In my setup, DXP-1A5S powered by the PP2 blows any other power supply that I tried out of the water. To my ears, it sounds clearly better than SR4 and Keces P8 with 15V, Gissaral power bank with 15V and PP2 with 12V. You can imagine, of course I did not try this myself, but I was told by a knowledgeable person that it also sounds better than PP2 with 16V...:beerchug:

    For those of you already powering the MScaler by battery, I can only recommend to try the DXP-1A5S with 15V. Unfortunately, it seems to be out of stock (again), so be prepared for a long wait.

    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
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  6. dmance
    Bernie, do you Y-Split power MScaler + OptoDX-T from the same setup?
  7. xxx1313
    Hi Dan! No, I use two PP2 with two separate DC cables now. I have tried the DXP-1A5S only with the MScaler by now, also because I normally power the OptoDX-T with 12V. I have just ordered another DXP-1A5S with 12V for use with OptoDX-T. I do not expect as much difference as with the MScaler, though.
  8. ray-dude
  9. JaZZ Contributor
    We have a new Romaz! :grin:
  10. ray-dude
  11. Triode User
    Here on this side of the pond we have our very own Sean Jacobs who builds the power supplies for the Innuos Statement and other kit but his build times are also getting longer and longer.
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  12. ray-dude
    +100 for Sean. Fantastic guy, does great work, and extremely transparent and reliable. I adore my SJ supply, and am very grateful to Sean for the good work he did on it. Now just need to be patient waiting for the mythical DR Paul Hynes rails to be delivered from the mountain top!
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  13. justin w. Contributor
    I know that we have been waiting several weeks to receive more black M-Scalers, so I think everyone is waiting for more from the factory
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  14. HeeBroG
    Is this device suppose to be able to clean up a "wall wart" DC supply? I prefer not to use a battery if possible.

  15. xxx1313
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