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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. ray-dude
    I have one from the first batch in my chain. Definite difference, but the impact is more similar to what I hear with R** reduction and reduced jitter in the chain, not the timing detail I get from mScaler. That being said, all of this comes together to a more "real" presentation, which changes the way I perceive music.

    As far as EtherRegen, impact for me has been obvious but not game changing, like it has been for some others (digital noise is a curious thing). I'm on holiday right now, but next on the "to test" list is to see if I can simplify my chain with the EtherRegen in place, and move a lot of the digital stuff to my MacMini digital server (literally) in my closet, and just have the end point NUC and EtherRegen sitting next to the Chord kit. I'm on a simplification purge after the recent Cambrian explosion of boxes and power supplies in my chain, so any simplification will be most welcome.
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  2. Drewligarchy
    I mentioned this before, but I hear a huge difference using Power Pilot Pro 2 with the M Scaler vs the supplied power supply.

    I don't know if the chord smps is interacting with my amp or what - but I can no longer go back to the SMPS.

    It's possible there is no difference in another system, but there is in mine. I have a few batteries so I can swap them in and out. Still it can get tiresome.

    That said I would never use an aftermarket power supply with the m scaler as it voids chords warranty.

    If anyone has used an aftermarket linear power supply because it sounds better in their system (smoother, darker), while I would never use it, I would appreciate you PM me what you are using. This way I can determine the best aftermarket linear power supply that I would never buy and never use.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  3. Uncle Monty
    I'd never buy one, so when it doesn't turn up I won't tell you how it sounds.
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  4. zenlisten
    Thanks to those of you (@Amberlamps, @Drewligarchy) suggesting the KabelDirekt Toslink cable. The 1m version arrived today and it does work perfectly up to 24/192, so there is no need to get an exotic one.

    Had to read through the last pages, they were pretty crazy. :ksc75smile:

    As for me let me restate that I am blown away how good this system sounds, even though I don't have all the tweaks, don't have a Dave, "just" a TT2, etc. I could not imagine even just one year ago that I will be able to listen to music in such quality and that I will enjoy it that much without fatigue because back then these products were unknown to me. So now instead of worrying about getting all the boxes, toys and tweaks (which look intriguing and maybe I should experiment with them some day) I am already so happy that this is happening and that I can enjoy it that much every day. So grateful for this. Thank you @Rob Watts and @Mojo ideas and everybody
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  5. Drewligarchy
    I appreciate you not sharing your opinion of this power supply you'd never use and never buy, when you don't receive it.
  6. Ragnar-BY
    Can you explain how split cores degrade the sound and why solid cores might be helpful, please?

    I`ve tried Wurth 74271633 clip-ons and it sounds to me exactly as your explanations of RFI effect on DACs. More depth and better transients with these ferrites. It would be interesting what I can hear if I switch to solid cores.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  7. Ragnar-BY
    I have never tried three different LPSUs with my Chords, but the absolute best was a Farad Super3 :blush:
  8. Progisus
    I needed longer coax from my DigiOne to mscaler and mscaler to TT. Bought some 1m Blue Jeans 12g Belden 4505 with Belden conectors. Very well made and quiet. 31$ cad for each. Highly recomnend.
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  9. birdlandbill
    Thank you for reporting these results. So refreshing to hear from someone actually reporting results, rather than armchair opinions/personal attacks. Please share where you land after simplification. Your impression of effect of EtherRegen is what I hypothesized it might be and will be giving it a go.
  10. nomad777
    I'm not Pming you here they are Paul Hynes SR7, SR5, SR4, Sotm 500, JS-2 Linear power supply (uptone audio)

    However I will tell you that though they are some of the best power supplies out there Rob has said that they are still subpar to what comes with the unit. I own the Sotm power supplies but don't use them on the HMS. I use them on the sotm products I have. There is also the lps power supply from uptone audio which looks ok to.

    Personally I will never buy the battery packs and here's why.

    I used to own the MK Blu2 and it requires a quality power cord and I was using the ps audio generator , combined with a torus power conditioner in front of it.

    Since I've not used the battery pack and wont my setup pretty much gets rid of RFI ... I can't comment on how it sounds..

    I will say that with the stock psu that Chord provides it sounds better than the Blu2... so I don't have a need to use a BP.

    If you have the means buy something to help with the power in your house or wherever you live if not ... maybe a BP will improve your sound... but what a hassel.
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  11. musickid
    Ding a ding half time everyone.

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  12. Triode User
    Well I have sent a PM to you on this because there is too much posturing and BS on here at the moment.
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  13. kelly200269
    Well, after living with the HMS/TT2 for around a month, I can truly say that: SACD is dead!
    I have a decent SACD player, and have always loved the format. It was always a clear step-up from RB, and I have a large collection of SACD’s acquired over many, many years.
    However, when I bought a Roon Nucleus and subscribed to Roon earlier this year, I decided to rip the RB layer of all of my SACD’s to the server, and thought I might listen to them some-day.
    I’ve been listening to these rips via HMS/TT2, and I’m amazed. Reproduction of the RB rip is clearly superior to the SACD itself, and it’s like listening to the music for the first time all over again.
    IMO with HMS/TT2, DSD and SACD are truly dust!
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  14. Triode User
    If RW doesn't respond I have heard a couple of theories (I'm guessing he is super busy at the moment judging by the low post count). These are only theories though. The first one surmised by RW is that there might be a resonance effect interacting with the internal isolation/filtering in the HMS. The second was surmised by an RF engineer working with RF circuits & ferrites that at some frequencies the gap between the two halves of the clip on split ferrites can act as a focusing slot and beam the energy back into the cable in a way that can be worse than without the ferrite.

    Nothing tested and nothing definite with either of those explanations but for sure solid core ones don't have any issues. Make sure though that they are tight fitting on the cable for best effect if you want to attempt DIY.
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  15. Lgn3
    A couple of days back, after Rob's most recent and very illuminatiing post, I asked whether you agree with his statement that :

    The M scaler is galvanically isolated, with extensive chip ferrites built into the driver circuitry, in order to RF isolate the outputs from the FPGA. If you add clip on ferrites, it will sound worse, so don't bother with that..

    Although you did not answer directly I suppose your above response to @Ragnar-BY answers the point about clip on ferrites, that you agree with Rob that they make the MScaler sound worse. (I presume that is correct) However, I would find it of great interest to know whether you agree that extensive built in chip ferrites RF isolate the outputs from the FPGA, which is surely of great relevance to this whole debate regarding the Mscaler RFI and SQ in that the Mscaler is internally designed to deal with any such issues.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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