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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Triode User
    How many hours of continuous use with the MScaler do folks get out of the Pilot Pro 2? I am thinking of ditching the Pilot Pro 2 because I have the MScaler playing for about 12 to 14 hours each day.
  2. ZappaMan
    about 6. maybe you need a power supply like the farad 3, which is discussed in the other chamber.
  3. ray-dude
    I get about 6 as well. Note that it is possible to run it on PP2 with the charging SMPS plugged in (that's what I do when I run low on long listening sessions)

    Paul Hynes SR4-19 is a wonderful match for HMS as well (theoretically speaking :wink: That freed up my PP2 to run my NUC end point (run both unplugged, and plugged in when battery is low or after I'm done with listening sessions)

    I found PP2 on NUC and SR4 on HMS to be slightly better than SR4 on NUC and PP2 on HMS, which is very interesting in its own right (I was very surprised the SQ was close as it was)
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  4. zenlisten
    Today I brought the M Scaler back to the shop to get it fixed (the occasional subtle crackling, if you remember). Someone with the same issue tells me his unit has been with the service for 3 weeks now. Looks like it will be a long wait. You pay a lot and then end up without the device for a long time. :/

    Currently there is only the TT2 between the source and the headphones. I am so spoilt that it's almost painful to listen to real instruments (violin, piano, sax). It feels like entering the world of Minecraft, the game my kids used to play a few years ago. Nice and clear but everything is so pixelated. I can understand Rob for carrying an M Scaler everywhere. :)

    I guess I will have to listen to electronic music, that fits this Minecraft world.
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    I hate when people are right! I just bought the Focal Sopra No.1 speakers and the Audio Art D-1SE BBNC Cables. I am looking at new speaker cables too...
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  6. musickid
    Can you actually hear any difference between PP2 and stock power for the mscaler? If so what differences do you hear?
  7. rkt31
    Did anybody use ifi dc purifier with stock SMPS of m scaler and compared with pp2 or linear supply ? I found definite improvement by adding dc purifier. In one of the forum ifi active noise cancellation supply measured better than linear supply.
  8. Christer
    I am really sorry to hear that the issue actually was with your HMS after all you've been through.
    Hopefully they will send you a properly working HMS ASAP.
    When you pay as much as we do for the HMS, the least one would expect is that they keep exchange units ready for quick delivery imho!

    I really do understand your trauma and suffering now.

    And as a pro photographer the way you decribe the drop down from HMS to TT2 on its own is also something I totally recognize.

    PIXELATING is the term that maybe best decribes how big the difference is to my ears too.

    Adding an HMS to either of the full 1M taps capable Chord dacs is VERY much like going from a low res camera to a hi res one.
    I would even say that without the HMS the difference with acoustic music is about as big as between a landscape shot made with a smartphone or a full frame pro camera at least with the H2 Qutest and TT2.

    The difference to me is that BIG!

    If the same thing happened to me I would probably spend even more time playing vinyl again.CDs without HMS sound cold hard and pixelated indeed to me.
    Or I would devote even more time learning to play more Beethoven and Schubert on my clunky old piano than now, instead of listening to Minecraft type electronic music while waiting for a replacement HMS.

    Cheers CC
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  9. atahanuz
    Important question:

    If I understood it correctly, what Hugo M does is upsampling the audio, which is transforming a digital audio file to an another digital audio file.

    The whole process is digital, it can be done on a computer software. So why do we need an external device for doing an entirely software level operation? Chord could just release a software, in which you enter the audio file as input and get the upsampled audio file as output.
  10. Progisus
    Reverse engineering, copy protection, software selling prices as opposed to hardware, etc, etc, etc. Chord have the sales model down pat and good for them. The sales profit let's them develop new and better mouse traps. Right now, the best traps in the industry.
  11. zenlisten
    This is definitely doable and it was even mentioned in a review that somebody had a software implementation. The problem was that it was not near-realtime (the current M Scaler is around 0.6s, so it isn't real time but it's good enough). It took the software an extremely long time to transform just a few seconds of audio. (Of course it was not optimized and maybe normal processors are not even optimized for this kind of processing). So currently a software solution looks improbable.

    Of course you could convert your entire music library in advance even if the processing is slow. But then your storage requirements would go up and your network speed could not keep up.

    Looks like until technology advances the current M Scaler is a pretty good solution. :)
  12. atahanuz
    Yeah. People pay $5000 for this device while everything it does can be done by a 20 MB computer software. :) Interesting
  13. Progisus
    Not really. HQPlayer offers the best software solution with a few 1m tap filters and a 16m tap as well but... Having used it for over a year and then switching to the mscaler I can definitely say that Rob's filter design is superior and while miska's filters are better than normal upsampling (especially the closed form-m) they are no substitute for @Rob Watts hardware implementation.
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  14. rkt31
    Better to read papers by rob watts. The piece of algorithm written by rob watts requires much more parallel processing power even if it is less than 20mb in size. You just can't do that with available pc options in current market. And above all the algorithm itself is unique. M Scaler does something very unique which is only evident when you go back to your regular dac after listening to m scaler for longer time.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
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  15. auricgoldfinger
    For those who are using or considering using a Pilot Pro 2, I highly recommend this DC cable from Ghent Audio:


    It makes a significant improvement in sound quality. If you think the Pilot Pro 2 is good with the stock cable and adapter, you'll be surprised at how much better it can be with the Ghent cable.

    Note: the cable is stiff, so you may want to order one with a little extra length.
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