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How to Upgrade Your iRiver H320/H340 to Solid State

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by fleasbaby, Sep 16, 2016.
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  1. Exorcyst
    Have you had an opportunity to plug it into a Windows 7 system? Perhaps if I have time this week I'll track down a Win10 system and see if it will detect my rockboxed iRiver H340.
  2. Skippman
    Sorry for the late reply. The holidays and what not.

    My experience echo's a lot of what you all have experienced as well. I initially formatted the SD card in windows the same way you all did then transferred the files while the SD card was still outside the iRiver. When I put the iRiver back together everything worked perfectly. I was able to play my tracks, all files were seen, and it booted extremely quickly. However, I also have the same problem when attempting to read the iRiver using it's USB interface with Windows. My best guess is there's some sort of driver issue. Windows doesn't seem to understand the firmware controller that the SD card adapter is using. Something that never even occurred to me until just now is that the firmware might be Mac exclusive as the adapters were originally made for iPods which use iTunes exclusively. I'll see if I can read it on my wife's Mac.
  3. davidcotton
    I seem to remember that the ihp series of iriver needed to be switched manually between modes for copying.
  4. rumbleseat
    I got an email from Tarkan at iFlash.xyz saying "The SOLO and QUAD are based on the same platform, so there will be no difference in that respect."
    - which makes your comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 10 very interesting. I hope you can give this a try and let us know.
    Are you also running the 3.14 version of Rockbox?
  5. Exorcyst
    I had chance to test it out today. The unit worked fine in a Dell Windows 10x64 Computer. Rockbox ver is 3.14.

    h3401ed2.jpg h3402ed1.jpg h3403.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  6. Exorcyst
    A quick note: The computer will only recognize the H340 if Rockbox is up and running. If the unit is off and you plug it in, you'll get the "USB device not recognized."
  7. rumbleseat
    Thanks for trying out a Win10 machine and I'm glad it worked for you.
    My machines have the same specs as yours - fully updated windows10 versions.
    I'm still baffled.
  8. Exorcyst
    I'm debating whether I should backup my iRiver h340 install a single card into the Quad and redo everything step by
    If we did all the same steps, the only difference would be in the USB drive enclosure. Worth a shot for the hell of it? Also, just to double check, you used Aomei to both partition and format the card while it was in the enclosure, correct?
  9. rumbleseat
    The USB drive enclosure seemed to work fine. It recognized and formatted several SD cards loaded in the iFlash Solo. Worked with an iriver Toshiba drive that I plugged in for fun too.
    Yes, I used Aomei to format and partition the SD card & iFlash combo. Then copied the files from a Toshiba drive that I had previously copied to my computer using iriver Rockbox USB (not the drive enclosure).

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. If I were you, I wouldn't touch the iFlash if it's working now!
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
  10. Exorcyst
    You're welcome, the same thought went through my head as well. But my curiosity is somewhat piqued and it irritates me a bit that I can't help more. LOL I'll keep you posted if I get around to it. :)
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