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How to Upgrade Your iRiver H320/H340 to Solid State

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by fleasbaby, Sep 16, 2016.
  1. Skippman
    First let me say I love the mod! I allowed me to vastly increase the storage space of my old iRiver 340. However, when I connect it to a PC to transfer files through the iRivers USB port it reads the SD Card volume incorrectly. I show a vastly larger volume size than is actually in the iRiver and a plethora of folders that don't really exist on the device. Right now the only way for me to transfer data onto the device is to remove the SD card from the iFlash Solo, which involves completely disassembling the player.

    Is this a known issue?
  2. thecrow
    i just dusted off my iriver h340

    any one know if/how i can bypass the dac and only use the amp?
    i want to hear what line out from my pha3 into the h340 sounds like

    i did find that (perhaps) one option is to go to the setting of external mic (under record options) and feed the analogue signal from the pha 3 that way

    any ideas?

  3. Exorcyst
    I have not encountered that issue (though I have other oddities like random crashes and lord know what else. I'm just too lazy to troubleshoot and a general reset solves it all.)

    I have great battery life (Over 18 hours so far!) as to your previous question.

    If you take out the iFlash adapter with the card in it and put it into the external enclosure, does your PC see the volume incorrectly as well? Also, what brand cards are you using? Super cheap off-brand ones on ebay tend to be wonky. (These days I stick with the Samsung Evo.)
  4. greenambler
    I'm looking to replace the HD and battery on my old iHP-140 and it's hard finding an up-to-date guide with working links. Still feeling pretty lost
  5. fleasbaby
    Hmmm...never been in a 140 before. When I did the mod originally it involved a lot of reading some damn old posts before I got to the actual mod, and it was a small leap of faith. I didn't know if it would work. Was just keen to get the player running with solid sate storage, with decent capacity.
  6. androclus
    fleasbaby: Thank you! I followed your directions, with success as well.

    However, in my case, I did it with the iFlash-CF Compact Flash adapter instead, hoping that CF would be a little bit more dependable over the years. I still, like you, had to also use the
    4th Gen iPod to iFlash Converter as well (with a bit of a bend in it, to fit).

    Some caveats:

    a- With the CF card, there was a lot less room available, so I had to do a little trimming of their adapter, and even of the little rubber trim inside the case, to get everything to fit. But in the end, it fit great.

    b- I did get an ATA -80 error for the longest time and then figured out that my Lexar Professional 1066x 64GB UDMA 7 card was incompatible (or maybe just too fast). So I replaced it with a slower A-Data Speedy 2GB card to test, and it worked fine. It maybe be best to probably stay off the UDMA 7 and such faster cards. I ended up with a SanDisk 32GB regular old card (still 50MB/sec) and it was fine.

    c- The ribbon cable (for the 4th Gen iPod converter adapter) will have to bend a bit tightly, for everything to fit, but again, not too bad if you are gentle.

    It's a little bit faster moving around the menus and starting up, and getting started with songs -- but not blazingly so. Nevertheless the whole unit does feel faster, and definitely weighs less -- nice!

    P.S. - In regard to batteries - It really is not that big a deal to buy a replacement for the H300 battery on Ebay -- complete with wires and proper connector -- and just plug it in. Yes, you have to take one more additional board out of the case, so that you can get at the connector to disconnect the old battery and plug in the new one, but it's really not that big a deal, as long as you work slowly and carefully. Way simpler than trying to solder wires.

    Thanks again, FB!
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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  7. androclus
    I just wanted to add a couple things to my CF-card report on the H300.

    The previously-mentioned CF card did work for a while but turned out to have problems. So I played around with 3 different CF cards and finally gave up. (I did get an old AData Speedy 2Gig CF card to hold me over, though, while I was looking around.)

    I did manage to find another solution with the same iFlash CF-to-iPod adapter:

    I bought a $16 SD-to-CF1 card adapter off of eBay (most go for much less, but I refuse to buy from China after all the reports of manufacturing slavery coming out of that country now -- so unfortunate.). I put in a Sandisk Pixtor SDHC 32GB SD card I already had, reformatted to vfat/FAT32 (it was already, but just to be safe) and copied everything over from the old Rockbox drive.

    It booted up perfectly with no errors (and noticeably quicker!) and seems quite happy.

    In hindsight, I think going FB's route with the SD card or micro-SD card versions of the iFlash adapters would have been much easier. Just skip CF. Lessons learned.

    But hey, it works, though! Yay!!!!!!!!!! I love giving new life to my old beat-up, but great-sounding H300..

    Pictures, for everyone's reference on my Google Drive: H300-CF-pix

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  8. rumbleseat
    I am having trouble with my conversion project and maybe someone has a suggestion for me. I'm using the iFlash Solo (for one SD card) and am having the same issue that Exorcyst seemed to be having. That is, my iriver works fine with the SD card, but when I connect the iriver to my Windows 10 machine, the player/card isn't fully recognized. The Device Manager sees it and says it's working properly, but not formatted. Aomei similarly says it's not formatted. Disk Management wants to re-initialize it and when it does, it wipes out the card and it won't boot up the iriver any more.

    I formatted the card as FAT32 with a single partition in a USB housing using Aomei Partition Assistant. I copied all the rockbox and iriver files from a working drive onto the flash and installed in in the iriver player.
    I've tried two different cards, a 64 GB and a 32 GB (formatted by Aomei).

    Exorcyst - how did you get your USB connection to work after having a similar issue?

    Any ideas?? Does the iFlash Solo not work? Do my cards not work and I should try some more?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Skippman
    I'm still having this same problem as well. I don't really want to have to disassemble the entire player to pull the SD card just to add more songs. If you could post whatever you had to do to get it to work we'd all appreciate it.
  10. davidcotton
    Any reason you just can't connect it to a pc and copy songs over usb to the folder?
  11. rumbleseat
    Hey davidcotton,
    That's the heart of the problem. The USB connection doesn't work.
    I'm wondering if this is a rare problem that Skippman and myself have while everyone else using various iFlash adapters is running just fine? Or does this mod just not work so well?
    If everyone else is running fine, then maybe we've got bad cables or adapters.
  12. rumbleseat
    I've done some further testing and can not get the Rockboxed iriver player's USB to connect to Windows 10. I've tried 3 different computers. I've tried two different iriver players, an H320 and an H340. I've tried two different iFlash Solo units, each with its own ZIF adapter. I've tried 3 SD card types, including a pair of SanDisk Extreme PRO 64 GB cards, only one of which could be formatted when installed in an iFlash Solo. The other was just not recognized by the computer at all (but worked fine in my Canon camera...)
    I've formatted these cards using iFlash's recommendation to rebuild the MBR as described here: https://www.iflash.xyz/prepare-sdxc-exfat-for-use-with-the-ipod/
    No luck at all.
    I have to conclude that the iFlash Solo does not work with the Rockboxed iriver H300 players.
    If you have any ideas, I'd be happy to try them.
  13. Exorcyst
    I have the QUAD, no clue about the solo. What ended up working for me was ordering this unit https://amzn.to/2VkvZgq , insert the iflash board with the SDCARDS in them, connecting the enclosure to the PC and delete then rebuild the partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. I then transfered over the files and it worked fine after that.
  14. Exorcyst
    I also did not do any of the MBR stuff. I just deleted the partition and had the software rebuild it as FAT32. Are you running the latest version of ROCKBOX?
  15. rumbleseat
    Thanks for your questions and concern.

    Yes, I used a very similar 50-pin enclosure that I got from eBay. It seemed to work fine - Connected my computer seamlessly to the iFlash and Toshiba HDDs via USB. I also used the free Aomei to partition the SDXC card. I let Windows10 format my smaller 32 GB card as FAT32 and it also had the same issue - ran Rockbox on the iriver H320 just fine, but the player would not connect to my computer via USB.

    I first did the formatting without rebuilding the MBR and that didn't work either. Yes, latest stable build of Rockbox - version 3.14. (I haven't tried other versions)

    So, if you can connect your iriver to your computer via USB with no problems, maybe we can speculate that the QUAD is a later generation product and the iFlash team fixed the firmware bugs that were present in the SOLO? Just idle speculation.

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