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How To tell between a 'real' FLAC and a 'fake' FLAC?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by chinesekiwi, Aug 31, 2009.
  1. koolkat
    Can you tell the difference between a lossless file and a lossy file in a ABX test o.o" 
  2. Fatalethal
    depends on each individual i guess....
  3. wnmnkh Contributor
    In short, there isn't any reliable way to identify fake and real lossless data.
    You may want to search Hydrogenaudio forum for more information.
  4. koolkat
    Can you provide some links to good discussions? There are a gajillion topics in there,

  5. bereke70
    only works for Windows. Any such check for IOS?
  6. Tus-Chan

    The only tried and true way to know.
  7. pookeyhead

    Spectro doesn't play nice with files over 10 mins.  Seeing as it's common practice to have the entire album as one FLAC and then use a .cue file, Spectro is a bad idea.
  8. MaDD0G

    Audacity is also working under IOS and can be downloaded from here:

  9. vermilions
    Hi, sorry for digging out an old thread, but I have a question regarding these spectral diagrams. I'm not sure how to interpret these two MP3 files and would love some help.

    So the first one is a a 256 kbps MP3 file ripped a long time ago using iTunes.
    The second one is a 320 kbps MP3 file, converted from a FLAC version to MP3 via XLD.
    Is this normal? According to http://www.whatinterviewprep.com/prepare-for-the-interview/spectral-analysis/,
    It looks to me my "256 kbps" file fits the 320 kbps description more. Is there something wrong with my XLD? Or is everything fine and I'm just confused? Thanks so much. :)
  10. scorpeeon
    Any word about lossless files above 44.1/16? For instance I have some tracks in 88.2/24, tried most of the apps mentioned here, but none of them seemed to be able to handle them.
  11. RRod

    Sox handles hi res.
  12. gevorg

    Spek is multiplatform and handles hi-res.
  13. Armaegis
    If that "old" file was from many years ago, the encoder used may also be a factor since back then different encoders could sound quite different from each other (and I don't think itunes was very friendly with mp3 back then either)
  14. stephenward
    Thanks for the valuable information
  15. csusza2000
    Hi Guys
    I can not reach the official Spectro site given in the links above. Does anyone know what happened to the site? I have downloaded it a few times in the last 2 years. But now the web page is not opening. I would really appreciate any info. 
    Thanks, bye.

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