How did you arrive at Audio Technicas ?
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in search of a closed complement to my MS-1, just found myself ordering my ES7!! And it is worth every second I put on them!
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My Shure E500 cable cracked, and was under repair. But I couldn't wait a day longer without music at work and train ride. So I kinda wanted the same sound signature of the shure and closed so I can used it in office.

I never really thought about going for AT when I was looking for one. The store that I went to (Yodobashi-Akiba, Tokyo) have these sweet cool looking ESW9 for demo. I just couldn't resist it even though the budget was more then what I wanted for a temporary replacement.

When I tried it, instantly the sound just make me fall in love with it. So.. after an hour trying to justify the price, I gave in.

The first week was kinda roller coster ride for me, tight clamp, different sound from what I heard in the store. After that, I love it! the tight clamp is mostly gone, the sound after breaking in is really sweet and warm, really good bass. No regrets...

Now I use ESW9 in my bed and office, while on the go/subway I use back my Shure SE530.
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bought a nice looking phone for my portable MD player: ATH-FC7 ...
this led to my insight that it's actually rewarding to pay more for better SQ.

The next step was an A900 for home use (went right to the "top" of non-wooden closed AT cans)

Then the A950LTDs came out. "GOTTA HAVE IT!" ^^ Sold the A900 to a co-worker.

Wanted better SQ for on-the-go: bought ES7 *love them*

The AD2000 is already on its way ..... ... .. .
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i was looking for my first foray into better headphones. i was looking at grados, SR-60 and SR-80. Then i heard they were very much rock headphones and didn't have much soundstage. so then i was considering ms-1 and HD555, but heard that the ATH-AD700s were better than the HD555 in every way, possibly even better than the 595s. so i got the AD700s for the soundstage, also the extreme comfort. now i borrowed my friend's HD595's and am trying to compare. both are very good
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Spent time with senn hd600, akg k701s, and beyer dt880s wanted something different, read interesting things about the AT lineup here on head-fi. Now I'm trying to get to hear a bit more of the AT lineup. If it doesn't work out, might try the dt990's or some grados (which I lack experience with, have only heard sr-60/80)
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The two brands I find myself grabbing are consistantly AKG and Audio Technica. AKG and Audio Technica deliever nice rich mids with plenty of sparkle, not too much bass, and good detail.

The difference between AKG and AT is coloration and fun, in this way they really compliment each other.

The AT's seem to be much more involving and fun, seem to listen to them for hours with never an issue. The mids are king and soundstage in their closed cans is unrivaled by other in similar price ranges ( DT770, etc. ). The speed is what set them apart from other brands and I would consider them perhaps even a bit better than AKG in that regard. I found that after listening to a set of 30+ year old AT's that sony and Sennheiser could not keep up.

The AKG give me that neutral sound that just lets the recording sing.

Honestly, I think I might have been satisfied with the AT lineup completely if it wasn't for those darn electrostats which have captured my heart now.

AT is like comfort food because it just feels so good, but every once in a while you need some lean AKG to balance out your diet.
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I ended up with a pair of ESW9s because I felt the need for a good pair of portable 'phones, did some research and those seemed to be widely well regarded here. Also I was swayed but their incredible looks. And this really started my love for woodie 'phones

I started off thinking about getting the Senn HD25, but as irony would have it I thought they were too expensive

So I ended up finding a pair of 'phones which looked interesting and relatively cheap, the Audio-Technica SJ5, trying to research those I did a quick google search...

Well, lets just say I found this place and it punched a big ol' hole in my wallet

I´m currently interested in the AD2ks, W1ks and the W5ks aswell, so we´ll see how that turns out
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I too chose the ESW-9's as my first Audio Technica headphones as I wanted something semi-portable, and the looks really contributed to the purchase. Now that I'm fairly set with headphones, upgradetitus is creeping up and now I'm contemplating whether I should go get the W5000's or stick with my HD600's for classical music. I'm loving it.
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I had some A900's I bought to use at work, which I quite liked. And I was looking for some quality closed cans to complement my Grado GS1000s. After lots of reading I bought the W5000s on spec. I am very glad I did. They work really well with the WOO WA2. I will be definitely keeping these. (not that I ever get rid of any gear!

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Originally Posted by Ricey20 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm having doubts about wanting to sell my W5ks now. Someone convince me I should keep the W5ks as well as Edition 9s

Yes, yes, keep both. They complement each other perfectly. For me, it never fails: I'm listening to the Edition 9's or W5000's, and for some reason the sound isn't working for me -- I switch to the other, and it addresses whatever I was missing. They're both strong where the other is (relatively) weak, and vise-versa.

To answer the original question, I don't remember how I came to Audio Technica, but I'm glad I did. My W5000's are getting a balanced recable from Enigma Audio at this moment -- I can't wait.

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