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  1. digitalbill
    Ricey20 purchased a pair of Audio Technica headphones from me. Payment was quick, good communication, etc. Couldn't ask for more. Highly recommended. Thanks!
  2. slwiser Contributor
    Ricey20 purchased my AT-HA5000 to mate with this ATH-W5000. Great working with you Ricey20. He provided payment as fast as anyone could want. Communications were quick and clear. Thanks
  3. santacore
    I sold Ricey20 my Stello DAC and had a great transaction. Communication was excellent and he paid promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Too bad I can't make it in person.........
  4. 3x331m
    Ricey20 bought my HD650 and Mobius Senn cable. Communication was good and the transaction was smoothly executed. Ricey20 also followed up when the package is delivered. It was an excellent transaction.
  5. blessingx Contributor
    Ricey20 bought my WA6. Great communication and paid lickety-split. Pleasure to do biz with and would gladly again.
  6. Fitz Contributor
    Eric bought some AKG headphones from me. Very good person to do business with, and was even concerned over me possibly having to pay more for shipping because of the distance. Too Extreme Thanks [​IMG]
  7. morphsci Contributor
    Eric was a pleasure to deal with and I cannot think of a better home for my first pair of K340's. Thanks.
  8. mitchb
    Smooth transaction. no hastles, no worries. Would deal with ricey 20 again in a heartbeat. To be trusted.
  9. sango
    Everything went smooth except for USPS that took a little bit longer than we expected. Very negotiable and friendly, very pleasant to do business with.

  10. pataburd
    Eric bought my K501 w/4.5 ft. APS V2 (single-entry) recable. Communication was personable and payment was very prompt. A 100% pleasant transaction! Eric is a "four-star" Head-fier! : )
  11. morphsci Contributor
    Eric bought a pair of my sextetts. Another smooth and easy deal for the headfier most likely to be the new Fitz [​IMG]
  12. Kees
    As from today Eric provides a new home for my K400s. Flawless transaction. Great person to deal with.
  13. 4N6
    Eric bought my Ultrasone Edition 9 headphones in what was a completely hassle-free experience. A great Head-Fi'er and I would do business again with him at any time.
  14. cclragnarok
    I bought a DA220 from Eric. He added several freebies after I sent the payment, and everything arrived quickly in great condition. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. [​IMG]
  15. Fitz Contributor
    Bought some AKG headphones from Eric. Got them right away and in better condition than I expected them to be. Too Extreme Thanks [​IMG]
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