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just starting a thread for myself.
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Sold him the Heed Canamp..paid via money order..communication was excellent and great..payment was fast too.. Thanks and enjoy the Heed
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Great buyer

I sold an M-Audio Transit, and the sale went off without a hitch. Great communication before and after the sale. Fast payment. Highly recommend!
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i came and bought a k26p off him. happened to live about 2 miles from me. easiest transaction ever.
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I made a custom RP-21 cable for Jeff. He was a pleasure to do business with and after we had settled on what exactly he wanted, he paid right away. No problems here whatsoever.
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LostOne.TR bought my K701s. Asked good, relevant questions and kept up communication as needed. Recommended!
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Bought the Heed Canamp from him. Great communication! Friendly! Highly recommended! Thanks!
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Sold him a cable I made, after I withdrew it from the forum. Worked with me to give a fair price as my last posted price was for a loss. Good communication, friendly, fast payment. Thanks!
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sold jeff my w5000. great communication, wrote often to tell me the money order was mailed, etc. friendly and nice to chat with...highly recommended and would gladly to business again. thanks!
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Bought a Bithead off Jeff. Very good communication, extremely top-notch all the way. Shipping was unbelievably quick too. Thanks!!
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Cardas Cable for Senn. HD600

Jeff sold me a Brand spankin' new Cardas / Senn. cable for $50 off retail. What's more, I had it the NEXT DAY! Talk about fast!

He answered several questions thoroughly and accurately as well. I'm giving this transaction 5 out of 5. I'm new to Head-Fi, but if other members are half this cool, I'm going to be here a long time.
Thanks Jeff!
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Bought a balanced HD650 cable from Jeff. Perfect transaction, thanks a ton Jeff.
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Bought a pair of HD-600s in immaculate condition. Since they would need new pads and a cable, he graciously took the price for those off the price of the phones. Still had original packaging. Packed great.

Jeff was very understanding when I couldn't pay right away due to the paypal credit policy. Great transaction, great head-fier.

Thanks a lot, Jeff! Love the phones!
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Sold Jeff an AD2000. Payment arrived as he promised. Very fast and good communication. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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I sold Jeff my grado SR225's. The transaction was very fast and easy. I would definitely do business with him again!! Hope you enjoy the 'phones!
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