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Hisoundaudio ROCOO BA - Superior Hi-Fi player for Ciem's & Iem's

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by sly_in_the_sky, Apr 25, 2012.
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  1. sly_in_the_sky
    I'm the first one to post my impressions about this new product from Hisoundaudio called the Rocoo BA which is the exclusive hifi grade player specially designed for the high sensitive earphones.
    I hope this thread will be a grouping of all rewievs and impressions so all of you that want to contribute, I think it would be nice to put them all in this thread.
    My mother tongue isn't English so forgive me for my mistakes or my lack of clarity, I'll do my best to answer to your questions.
    Nouvelleimage2.jpg Nouvelleimage1.jpg

    After the Rocoo D and P, here’s the Rocoo BA which big difference consist by an adaptation in the amplification segment to allow the player to drive easily the multi armature drivers IEM’s.

    The brand politics is to answer to a large number of users and to propose products that aim clients who really care about good sound in a minimal package.

    I don’t want to take a subject that I don’t really know but the internal concept of Hisoundaudio players is to show that even « simple » components can give a lot of surprise by optimising the sinergy with the rest of the parts that compose the inside’s product.

    Design + UI

    Concerning the design and the UI, those who doesn’t know the Rocoo should go to my Rocoo P review or even at the Studio V reviews because a lot of aspects are quite the same. Something that I should say is that this Rocco BA is bug free after 2 weeks of intense use.

    There’s a little difference in the front pannel, some « Rewind/Forward/+/- » simbols have been putted next to the buttons. Another good remark that I also want to make is that the front plastic pannel is thicker which give a more solid impression to this beautiful player.
    The sound

    My Impressions are given by using my Westone 4 and my Earsonics EM6 which are well balanced/neutral IEM’s.

    The first thing that I want to say is that the Rocoo BA is hiss free with my two IEM’s. Some wil  say that they aren’t the most sensitive IEm’s but I really think that people should’nt worry about that, I think that it won’t be any problem.

    And I want also say that the little parasit noise (Bzzz….bzzz) that we sometimes listen with the older Hisoundaudio players when changing the tracks is completely gone. It’s really pleasant to listen to the silence when a song is asking it and to be able to listen to the player with vey low volume.

    With his 50mw, the Rocoo BA is a player that has a surprising sense of dynamism and fluidity. What is also incredible whit this player is how detailled and airy it plays music. I really have the feeling that a lot of air is present between each instruments which give a lot of lightness, realism and depth to the presentation with a very big soundstage.

    The Rocoo BA has a very detailled, textured, crisp sound but remains very fluid and natural. Because of this airy feeling of the sound, the sondstage is very huge, the feeling of depth with my W4 is incredibly big, the sound is envelopping by forming a kind of sphere in front of the listener.

    Here’s my impressions about the tonality. The hole sound signature is very well balanced with a little bit more energy in the treble region than the Rocoo P and perhaps also the Studio V which explain the airy sensation of the sound.

    The treble are very precise, micro-detailled, crisp, naturals and sparkly, never sibilant.
    The amount of medium are exactly in the right place, also very detailled with the male and the female voices, the timbres are beautiful and realistics and gives a sense of intimacy with the singers.
    The bass are very deep and also airy, precise, well controlled, never overpowered. Their overall presence is « lighter » than the Rocoo P but to my point of view, they are more natural. The rumble is incredibly present and also natural, the amount is very well balanced with the rest of the spectrum.
    The Rocoo BA is very versatile, his qualities allow to match with all styles of music with a lot of ease. It can play very energic musik like Rock, Electronica, Rap but also with acustic music like Jazz, classic…
    M. Jack-Fu from Hisoundaudio clairly told me that his big brother « Studio V » was better but sincerly, it’s difficult for me to make a real difference between the two speaking only about SQ. This Rocoo BA reduce the gab between the Rocoo and the Studio line with a big technical upgrade by erasing the « hiss » issue.
    Hisoundaudio reached the goal by creating a player that is able to match with  very sensitive multi drivers IEM’s tht have a low impedance. The bet was to deliver a dynamic, precise, crisp, airy sound by avoiding the overpower which often creates hiss and The Rocoo BA di dit. Lot of users will ask how this player perform with full-size headphone but not using this tipe of product, I can’t answer to this. Soon I’ll be able to try it with the Focal Spirit One and I will be able to give some more impressions.

    Price: 249 USD

  2. hisound
    Thanks for the review.
  3. wormsdriver
    Nice review, I have Rocoo P for over 4 months now and I can honestly say I love the sound quality of this DAP. My only regret with Highsoundaudio is not picking up a Studio V during the awesome holiday sale they had during Christmas time last year[​IMG]
  4. Jupiterknight
    Agree, great review  and I do as well enjoy the lovely the sound of the Rocco P and yes  Sir wormsdriver you very unfortunately missed out on the Studio-V at it's very reasonable price around X-mas, maybe Jack will introduce a summer sale!!  Another thing @Slyinthesky, why is that miserable, scary looking bear hugging the Rocoo BA? I'm already having nightmares :-0
  5. sly_in_the_sky
    Thank you all...

    Watch out, my ugly bear is vicious and he wont let you take my Rocco away...:)
  6. Kuroda Tsubasa
    Thanks for the review! Now I am considering to get Rocoo BA instead of Rocoo P as I am going to use it with CIEMs. :) Also I am looking forward to hear impressions from other owners of Rocoo BA who also have sensitive CIEMs.
  7. sly_in_the_sky
    Hello, I'm sure you will not be disapointed.
  8. kiteki
    So it's a new DAP dedicated to balanced-armature drivers.
  9. lee730
    I think the main reason behind the name/DAP (you know the good old Chinese Proverbs :wink: ) is to appeal to users of "Sensitive" IEMs/headphones which otherwise hiss with sources that don't have low output impedance. BA tend to be more finicky with this so I feel the name implies it's main purpose. My Silver IE80s are very sensitive as well and I can even pick up hiss on the DX100. Will be looking forward to how the Rocoo BA will fair.
    Future review reserved:
    I've made a deal with Jack from Hi-sound to do a demo of his new Rocoo BA. After I am done the Rocoo BA will go on a tour to at least 6 other Headfiers to demo and write a review on the unit. I'll post the participants names once I've gotten confirmation from them. Kiteki will be one of the participants. Welcome aboard :).
  10. sly_in_the_sky
    It's nice to ear that and hope you will enjoy this new DAP...
  11. lee730
    Well I'm looking forward to the opportunity and hoping it can live up to the sound of the Studio V but without hiss :). If so then all Jack's gotta do is offer a model with the luxury and battery life like the Studio V.
  12. Andee1310
    How about the output power of this Rocoo BA compare to Rocoo P is there any different at all.......?
  13. hisound
    HI,Andee , Thank you for your question The out put power of Studio is 80 MW, ROCOO BA is 50 mw. We think 50 mw is adequate for almost all mini earphones. expecially for high sensitive earphones.
  14. lee730

    Jack I'm curious to as how the Rocoo BA performs in comparison to the Studio V with IEMs? Are the sound signatures similar (Sound staging, imaging, treble, mids, bass?) I know I'll be able to find out for myself shortly but am really excited. If anything are the sound signatures the same?
  15. Jupiterknight
    @Sly_inthesky  What's the level of the volume output when you're your W4?  Comparing the Studio-V, Rocoo-P and BA. I find the Studio-V and Rocco-P to be very similar when using my W4, around one step difference, so I just wonder where do you experience that the Rocoo BA places? I also hear very little hiss with the W4, if any, on both the V and P, how about when using the BA?   
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