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HIFIMAN Sundara Loaner Tour

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  1. TeamHiFiMAN
    Here at HIFIMAN we want to try to give back to the community and it is with this goal in mind that are initiating the Sundara Loaner Tour. In short, we are putting Sundara headphone in the hands of forum members of the community to experience HIFIMAN gear in the forum that matters most and thus is the most important headphone community.

    The HIFIMAN SUNDARA is an open backed headphone with a NEO “supernano” diaphragm (NsD). Sonically they share the same HIFIMAN level of resolution and even handed sonic performance across the acoustic spectrum that you have come to expect. Smooth and highly extended, delicately nuanced treble and rich, hearty, punchy and rhythmic lows too. Vocals and strings are astonishingly true to life. It is meant to be as visually stunning as it is sounding.

    Interested? If so, please note that at the moment, the program is operating exclusively in North America and Europe. In the space below, please confirm that you want to borrow the headphone and fill your city and country (we will PM you for your full details.) Then in a line or two say why you would like to take part. Also, in return for being included in the program, we ask that you commit to posting your first impressions of the Sundara when it arrives, with a more detailed assessment after you had a couple weeks to spend some quality time listening to your favorite music.

    T&C’s To take part you must be located in North America or Europe. We will select who takes part and in what order, we will inform prospective participants once they are next in line. This is to confirm they are available and allow us to ensure smooth handovers. Participants must also provide us with a photo of the item just before they pass it onward so that we can confirm its good condition when it left them. The duration of the loan will be two weeks from once it gets to your home. We will provide you with a shipping label if possible (in countries where we cannot, you will be required to post to the next participant with tracked shipping, we can refund the shipping cost for which we will require the receipt as evidence.)
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  2. VanyaKaramazov
    Hi there. I know I'm only a new Head-fier, but I'm located in Tucson, AZ, USA and I'm an enthusiastic explorer of the hobby. In addition to being an avid writer I have an indie music / audiophile podcast at savagebeastpod.com where I'd love to discuss the headphones, along with the posting commitments described above.

    In headphones I crave punch and detail both, and I'm still looking for my ideal mixture; the answer might change from recording to recording. I've heard some HE-400s and loved the detail but missed a little power on the low end. I'd love to learn how these stack up over extensive listening. I'd be trying them out with both digital and vinyl sources and powering them with an Asgard 2. Hope I make the list, and thanks for doing this!
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  3. Wiljen
    I'd be interested in trying the Sundara seeing as I have the models on either side of it (400, 500, 560). I've often wondered how it compared to those above and below it.

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  4. Bansaku
    Hi HiFiMAN! Count me in! As a proud owner of the HE-560 I'd love to take the Sundara for a test drive and see how far you folks have come over the years! If you have ever read my reviews, you know I am good with my words and take some pretty sexy pictures of the gear I review! Looking forward to (hopefully) hearing back from you.
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  5. Miru
    I would love to have the chance to listen to the sundaras at home. I am in Wayne, NJ, USA. I am interested in hifiman's products since I love the tuning a lot and I think they may be my favorite overall brand from what I heard so far. If I am chosen I would happily give a detailed review to their performance.
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  6. DW75
    I am definitely interested in the chance to try out the Sundara. I am currently looking for a new headphone as well, and I am not decided on which one I will purchase yet. The HiFiMAN Ananda, Beyerdynamic DT 1990, and the Focal Elear are currently on my list of choices. I am in BC, Canada. Thanks for the opportunity of allowing everyone here to sign up for a possible chance to listen.

    Edit: I should mention as well that I used to be an HE400i owner a couple years ago. I ended up selling it though as I found I could not tolerate its harsh and grainy treble at 7-9kHz. IMO, the mid treble response on the HE400i is not clean at all. I have been told that the Sundara has a much smoother, refined, and cleaner treble response. I am very interested in the possibility of hearing this headphone.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  7. JamminVMI
    I’m definitely interested, as I’d love to compare them to my HE-4xxs, which I love. I’m located near Los Angeles, and have several Schiit amps to try them on.

    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  8. madugo
    Love my He-400i, been considering if to upgrade to the sundara. Would love to hear to to compare with the 400i before pull the trigger.

    Please count me in!
  9. Voxata
    Glad to see this loaner! I'd like to experience these alongside my faithful HE-560 as an easier to drive alternative. I'm located in Windsor, CO.
  10. SenyorC
    If it is passing through Spain then I would love to give it a spin. It is actually on my current "to buy" list and would be great to be able to compare to my other two recent open back purchases (not much chance of trying before buying around here!).
  11. koover
    I’d love to give these a whirl. I’m located in the great city of Surprise Arizona USA where it’s hot. I’m hoping the Sundara is as hot sounding as our weather. I’ve owned the 400i and 560 and I’m looking for another HIFIMAN to round out my collection. I’ve never heard this headphone before and would love the opportunity to do so. I just finished a successful (I believe it was well received) review of the Meze Empyrean and am jonesing to write another review. This headphone could be the sound I’m looking for. Please consider me for the loaner tour as it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. adydula
    I would like to participate.

    Never heard your headphones. Use Beyer T90, T1, Grado 325i, MSR7, HD600, LCD 2.

    Located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    I have 9 headphone amps.

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
  13. tenedosian
    Sundara has been one of the intriguing headphones for me with its release. I wanted to review them, but it hadn't been possible.

    It seems to be suitable for both home use and for portable. And I would really like to see how they perform on both ways with my desktop gear and with Hifiman's own SuperMini.

    I'm located in Istanbul, Turkey.
  14. Ad720
    This is great! I own the Sundara but I am very keen to hear everyone's impressions.
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  15. Cruelhand Luke
    I would like to participate in the tour as well. I have been thinking about moving up to some mid-fi headphones.I have a couple of budget planars, the Monolith M565 and the Modhouse Argon, and I would love to see how they compare to the something like the Sundara. I live in Morro bay, California.
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