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HIFIMAN Sundara Loaner Tour

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  1. DW75
    I think a very interesting option would be to perhaps expand this loaner experience to include the Sundara and the HE5se. This would make for a great comparison since it is the next model up in the product stack.
  2. Army-Firedawg
    Like pretty much all Hifiman products, I've heard a great many great things about the Sundara and would like to experience them for myself, and of course will make a review paper and video about them as well.

    I am located in Concord, North Carolina

    I agree with the terms and conditions set forth for this tour. And on a personal note, thank you Hifiman for the opportunity you've been putting forth in allowing the opportunity for some of us to experience such prestigious products we very likely wouldn't have been able to otherwise. You're very much appreciated.
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  3. dRnRcR
    I don't post a lot but I've been around the forums for awhile. I have the HE400i, HD650 and HD800. Would be interested in auditioning these headphones as I'm a big fan of the Hifiman line.

    I am located in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

    Appreciate it either way and thank you for extending this to the community.
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  4. ScubaMan2017
    Good afternoon, @TeamHiFiMAN ... Yes, indeed, I would like to be added to the waiting list for this product. I understand the program's details as the following:
    (a) I'll post my first impressions (followed by a more in-depth review [Plus-Minus-Interesting]) using my HeadFi dot org userID. My handle's ScubaMan2017, I live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). I value my online-reputation, so I'll THINK before I post (i.e., check my spelling, be mindful of my tone [understand that my posts can remain searchable in perpetuity], take credit for my success... and responsibility for my screw-ups [if a particular party's disrespected, I send them a PM], respect user's privacy [no real-names on the public thread], and ignore the trolls]). Oh, and have a sense of humour. :ksc75smile:
    (b) I'm enjoying headphone audio (sometimes called personal audio) as a way to keep my marriage intact! We're both high school teachers, and value silence when off-duty. Our definitions of 'silence' are, well different. I like to relax to the soothing sounds of PostModernJukebox, classical-strings, horror podcasts, Disturbed or Metallica (oddly cathartic). When I want to (seriously) relax and prepare for rest, I do some heavy-duty listening using MyNoise dot net.
    ScubaMan. April 22, 2019.
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  5. BritaMineral
    I'm new to Head Fi, and after shuffling around with dynamic driver cans for a few years, have been considering making the jump to planars. I've never listened to any HiFiMan product, would love the chance to try the Sundara, and would be happy to post impressions/a full review if given the opportunity.

    I'm located in Brooklyn, NY.

    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  6. alxw0w
    Would like to test them. I have experienced them before, but the unit was not burn in (freshly taken out form the box in front of me) and I was listening for short period of time. Will compare them to HE-560. I live in Poland, Europe.
  7. SenyorC
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  8. kingcro
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  9. ScubaMan2017
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  10. kennylim
    Amsterdam, Netherlands here. would love to take part!

    Always liked sound signature of the Hifiman family.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  11. .Sup
    A package from China has just arrived, didn't have to pay any import fees whatsoever, very pleased. I will not have time to do any extensive listening as I literally have to go to work however I will say this; the build quality is nothing like I remember form earlier Hifiman days, feels very premium. Will not have any social time today. :) IMG_3552.JPG IMG_4901.JPG
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  12. kingcro
    So they sent it to you in Slovenia? That means I could get it as well here in Croatia. How much did you have to wait for response?
  13. .Sup
    Nine days exactly :wink:
  14. Greendriver
    Any chance of loaning some to us in the UK? Hifiman seems to be under represented over here. We can't even get the Supermini any more. I had to get one from EBAY.
  15. .Sup
    Build quality of the headphone is really good, all metal except for the part of the headband that allows adjustment for different head size that is plastic. When I received mine one of the cans was looser than the other where it connects to the headband. I managed to tighten it with my fingers but its still not as stiff as the other one. Not bothersome, it will not fall off.
    Sound wise its one of the most balanced headphones I have heard. Amount of everything is just perfect, bass is not overpowering but its not underwhelming by any means, its not a bright headphone but take my opinion with a grain of salt, I find the HD800 not bright, but do the HE-4 that I also own though. Very neutral headphone but at the same time not clinical. Before I post my full impressions I need to enjoy it longer but to summon my impressions: neutral, airy, balanced. This could be the headphone for most people.
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