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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. Pictograms
  2. gr8soundz
    A few manufacturers are going that route with bluetooth only being used to receive data (i.e. a wireless dac/amp). Shame the Hifiman won't support bluetooth headphones but their custom codec/app would essentially turn phones into wireless transports.

    Other than the projected price, only issue I have with the design is the lack of tactile buttons. Don't mind the lack of a touchscreen but I dislike players where you still have to look to ensure 'pressing' the right (touch sensitive) button. Hopefully, they will enable the volume wheel's click to allow for play/pause/skip.
  3. Pictograms
    Yea I hate not having any buttons on the side or anything.
    Maybe they will go the route of bluetooth control from the app, that would be really nice
  4. audionewbi
    7196a1b4ly1foa9dbjg09j21kw1kwx6s.jpg 7196a1b4ly1foa9dbutydj21kw0zo1l1.jpg 7196a1b4ly1foa9dd07d7j21kw11xb2e.jpg 7196a1b4ly1foa9dd7mg9j21kw11xhdy.jpg

    They changed their colour into Matt black, however the back cover seems to be glossy glass. It looks sexy, hopefully final product looks like that.
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  5. ExpiredLabel
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  6. audionewbi
    Guys just dont have a high hope for UI.
  7. ExpiredLabel
    Yeah, it looks even more basic than the 901s which is a step back. I'm also a bit disappointed in its driving ability as I was hoping for a full upgrade to my player in everyway. However, if the UI is no worse than Aunes M2s then I will be fine. I was hopeful for the new lotoo as well but then they went with a Android if I'm not mistaken and personally I'm not having any of that lol.

    Personally I'm not exactly excited for this year's offerings. I hope to be surprised though.

    How are you feeling about the current daps rolling out @audionewbi ? Any interests in your part
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  8. musicday
    I had big hopes for this music player,but since Hifiman likes to keep it secret i am rather disappointed.
    I was hoping for more official info for Europe by now.
  9. audionewbi
    Honestly beside Lotoo touch nothing else has my attention but im sure that wouldnt be cheap.
  10. ExpiredLabel
    I'm hopeful I can get a loaner for a comparison and review. We'll see if they oblige
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  11. ExpiredLabel
    Here we go.
    Found impressions and comparisons to hugo2.
    Original post here(http://erji.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2098035)

    Google translation -
    Equipment: Apple laptop, hugo2, prince, Pavilion Blueprint earplugs

    First, the volume
    Hugo2 size is not small, the general clothes pocket hard to fit under
    Prince small size, and almost the same cigarette box, shirt shirt can be put down

    Second, function
    Prince different functions, there are several ways to connect
    1, you can directly use the player
    2, connect usb line, you can do dac decoding, this is the same as hugo2
    3, you can use the phone's Bluetooth or laptop's Bluetooth directly connected to the scene I use the phone NetEase cloud app, Bluetooth connection prince, it is stable, do not drag this root tail usb line, it is really convenient, mobile portability Baton

    Third, the sound
    Equipment: Apple laptop connected hugo2 push pavilion blueprint, prince straight push pavilion blueprint
    First of all, what is certain is that Hugo 2 and Prince Edward have a completely different sound style
    hugo2 is a fresh and lively style, like the fresh fruit just picked
    Compared hugo2, Prince Edward smooth milky chocolate
    Second, both sound quality
    hugo2 and Prince each selected a few pieces of random music, the initial feeling Prince Edward smooth and delicate degree better than hugo2 (apple or usb line should be dragged hugo2 hind legs), simulate taste more adequate (this may be the reason Rice conference said, Prince Edward's R2R dac structure is a step into the audio signal to make a sound, the conversion of fewer links, simulate taste more full details more abundant)

    Talk about Prince's voice alone
    1,801,802,901 I have used for a long time, Prince continued the style of the previous few works, or familiar taste, from the introductory hm700 to Prince Edward, hifiman player sound style is highly uniform
    2, contrast hugo2, Prince's voice more plump, thick, warm
    3, deliberately thickened sound, though thick, but fat die, prince voice thickness from the abundant amount of information to fill, is a sense of living, flesh and blood thickness, rich and charming IF IF
    4, Prince Edward is a temperature of the player, this temperature is not only the temperature of the machine is the sound temperature, although the sound of Prince Edward warm, but not excessive, is the comfortable temperature of 23 ℃
    5, princes sound good purity (official Bo: trial sample signal to noise ratio greater than 110dB, A weight, dynamic range greater than 110dB, A weight)
    6, Prince Edward's tuning style is not deliberately not stressed (on the other hand 801, emphasizing the richness and thickness, but also more warm, Prince Edward's tuning was significantly more natural and transparent), reflecting a pure, soft, warm and high quality simulation style

    The last emphasis on one sentence! ! ! Sound of this thing and food is similar, it is hard to say which is absolutely good (of course, added Sudan, cooking oil "food" is entirely unqualified fake and shoddy products, the other said otherwise), because good to hear is not quantifiable, Completely depends on your taste, a Chinese food a Western you say which is good? Voice of this thing is too personal, you say x treasure few low-end mp3 than hugo, Prince Edward nice to hear I agree, you can even say that the sound is not the absolute merits of only personal likes and dislikes.

    From my personal point of view, Prince Edward's analog sound style and hugo2 fresh and lively style are very nice to hear and also appreciate, the disadvantage of hugo 2 is unable to independently sound, you must use a computer and other equipment as a digital source, if the digital signal output quality Poor, then hugo2 voice will be delicate, pure weakness, of course, if you just listen to hugo2 sound alone is good.

    Fourth, hifi mode and energy saving mode
    Hifi and energy-saving mode of sound is the same, the difference is mainly the amount of sound information and thickness
    Prince Edward energy-saving mode sound than the level of super strong even higher
    hifi mode sound quality beyond 901

    Fifth, the difference between Prince Edward 801 801
    801 taste more concentrated, a little greasy, prince fresh and transparent, fresh feeling better
    Prince of fluency is better than the 901, more fluid and agile, if the analogy of sound into water, Prince's "sound" flow more smoothly, this is a bit of a virtual, but if the 901 for a long time, familiar with the sound of 901, This difference is not difficult to find

    Sixth, Prince Edward's Bluetooth transmission
    Direct phone bluetooth pavilion blueprint, bluetooth mobile phone bluetooth direct link Prince Edward direct Blueprint, the feeling of Netease cloud, shrimp sound quality improved significantly, even the energy-saving mode is better than the phone straight push, the sound is not deflated, the Bluetooth function is very convenient, The next time you have a good experience

    The shortcomings found so far
    1, Prince Edward appearance is too low profile
    2, there is no physical switch button, unable to switch the screen to cut the song blind

    The time did not hear too long, but the initial feeling is like that, no matter the voice or function Prince is hifiman's masterpiece, outstanding features
    1, small size, light weight, of course, this is a disadvantage for some people, Prince Edward did not feel the light floating, the other hand, ak BRONZE BRONZE and brick, the texture of the metal is very good, very presence in your hand, but pay The price is relatively large size and weight
    2, long life, monochrome screen, the use of single-task system (many manufacturers do not like to use multi-tasking Andrews system, power consumption is too large, a lot of power consumption in unnecessary functions, interested can refer to the study Lin's article http://www.erji.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2076485)
    3, optional sound quality mode
    4, the sound is pure and warm and delicate high-quality analog sound
    5, functional and diverse, easy to use, can be separated from the usb cable, and the computer used independently
    6, type-c interface, easy charging, charging time is short; (Official Bo: In the case of 500mA, such as computer USB power supply, about 3.5 hours; 1A cases about 1 hour 40 minutes; 1.5A case about 1 hour 10 minutes; 2A case can be fully charged less than 1 hour)

    Prince of the first test made me impressed, years later, I hope to have the opportunity to do with the Prince of sound amplifier amplifier connected to the shelf or floor box, with the speaker system testing, and other products really blunt pk, compare the sound density and amount of information, Look at the limits of Prince Edward, where the level of ability at a glance, looking forward to retest after years!
    Interested to be able to go to the six-star hotel in the total music yellow itself more auditions
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  12. Deftone
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  13. ExpiredLabel
    Thanks @Deftone forgot to add that pic.

    So far from the rough translation they seem to be on track for a solid release. Even the Bluetooth function was well received by the reviewer.

    I'm currently working to get in touch with Hifiman for a review unit to compare to the 901s. Fingers crossed they pick me.
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  14. ExpiredLabel
    Potentially someone with better first-hand knowledge of Chinese can give us a better break down than Google. I'm very interested in this review and Google translate just doesn't do it for me
  15. ExpiredLabel
    Looking through a few of the comments someone posted this:

    Brother heard the conference that silver test machine, said the sound is indeed a lot stronger than the 901S balance card

    Based off size I was concerned about driving force. Seems I need not be.
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