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Hifiman RE-800

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  1. mtoc
    Price unknown yet.
  2. ktmracer12345
    No news yet? Is it on display at CES? Anybody hear it yet?
  3. ktmracer12345
    Also, any news on RE-2000?
  4. Deftone
  5. gikigill
    How many days will it last before the cable breaks and will there be a variant under a $1000?
    kapanak likes this.
  6. unknownguardian

    The price. USD2000. Think it has a hybrid design.
  7. mtoc
    Let's ignore the RE-2000, OK? RE2K is like REK, customed made, you can't buy one from some casually shops as you buy the RE-400.
    edit: buy one from some shops casually
  8. Yugo
    Looks promising. Have you tried it on? Do you have a brief impression that you can share it with us?
  9. Deftone
    Sorry I didn't take this picture it's from hifiman twitter
  10. Yugo
  11. Arctican
    This is good news. I hope Hifiman improves the cable design, I have replaced my RE-600 3 times due to cable issues.
  12. kapanak
    Surprised it is not $800.
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  13. DarrenTheGeek
    I was at CanJam NYC yesterday (2/5/17) and tried the RE-800s on.  I thought they were excellent.  I have a pair of Etymotic ER4Ps (15 years old?) which I like/have gotten used to and what struck me about lots of the in-ear models on display was how colored their sound was. Not so for the RE-800.  They were comfortable and quite small compared to many of the competitors.  The cable looked solid too so I think you'd be good with this model. I really enjoyed the sound out of them. They seemed similar to the Sennheiser IE800s in terms of tonality.  A good pick as well.
  14. Baroninkjet
    Who would pay $690 to a company with such a horrible reputation for quality? Not I! I have owned three HIFIMAN products, and every single one was returned for repair three times in warranty period. RE0 actually broke four times, just got tired of sending it in.
  15. 1TrickPony
    "someone lives in their proper cave if they think this can compare with what's out there.

    disagree? get back to me after 400 hours of burn in time. wait, it didn't make it that long? too bad."

    yeah, that's what I was thinking when I saw this post. I'm appalled when I first held a re400... I get shivers for those who take a plunge. I should work as an intern for the QC department...
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