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Jun 23, 2019
May 1, 2015
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Arctican Send PM

New Head-Fier

Arctican was last seen:
Jun 23, 2019
  • About

    All types of Music, baby
    Music, Photography, Gaming, Travel, Martial Arts, Sports
    Headphone Inventory:
    Currently owned:
    1. Hifiman HE500 (for home critical listening)
    2. Sony MDR Z7 (for home fun listening)
    3. Shure SE846 (for mobile critical listening)
    4. Sennheiser IE800 (for mobile fun listening)
    5. Phonak Audeo PFE 232 (for home critical listening)
    6. Hifiman RE600 (for walking)
    7. Sony MDR 1ABT (for fun listening @ home)

    Previously Owned/ Sold:
    1. Sennheiser HD650
    2. DUNU DN2000
    3. Sony XBA H3
    4. Sennheiser Momentum (stolen by one lucky b*stard)
    5. Sony XBA40
    6. Ultrasone 580
    7. Phonak Audeo 122
    8. Sennheiser IE80
    9. Sony XBA500
    10. Sony XBA560
    11. Philipps O'neill On-ear
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    1. Chord Mojo
    2. iFi Micro IDSD
    3. Fiio K5 Dock
    4. Fiio E09K
    5. Fiio E07K
    6. Fiio Kunlun E18
    Source Inventory:
    1. HP Elitebook Laptop
    2. Fiio X7
    3. Sony NW ZX100
    4. Fiio X5 ii
    5. Sony Xperia Z5 & Z5 Premium
    Sony Alpha A6000 APS-C
    Expat currently working in Vietnam. I discovered the world of hi-end personal audio last 2011.
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