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HiFiMan Poor Build Quality?

  1. dlawton
    About a year ago I bought the HiFiMan RE-ZERO IEMs since they came highly recommended here. I loved the sound, but have since really regretted the purchase. The volume in the left earpiece dropped out, and I contacted HiFiMan support. We went back and forth through 21 emails, they sent me 2 replacement pairs but they all had the same issue. I ended up giving up, and now the sound is cutting out on the right earpiece (definitely seems like a short in the wire, although I'm not sure how since I take care of my stuff).
    I'm not sure if it's normal for CS to exchange for another product, but I'm really disappointed in how the RE-ZEROs have been. Is HiFiMan known for poor build quality, because I couldn't find anything about that when I was researching the RE-ZEROs. There was nothing but praise.
  2. jarrett
    Actually, they are [​IMG]
    Research the RE0 and you should find all sorts of quality issues.
  3. dlawton
    Are there quality issues amongst all their products? Do you think I'd be able to exchange the RE-ZEROs for another product, or is that something that's not usually done?
    I'm just a bit frustrated. $100 is not a trivial amount of money for me to spend on something that's never really worked correctly.
  4. jarrett
    When I owned the RE2, one of the channels died under warranty. Instead of getting it replaced I asked if I could pay the difference toward upgrading to the RE0. They let me do that and sent me the RE0. Well, one of the RE0 channels also died under warranty. They sent me a replacement, but I didn't use it much, and decided to shelf it while it still worked and buy a different brand in the future [​IMG] That was a while ago though. Maybe you can exchange them for an RE-400? I don't know what their reputation is now with build quality

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