Hifiman Megamini 1st Impression

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bumblebeezack, Oct 3, 2016.
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  1. Takeanidea
    The Megamini is underrated in my opinion. As an alternative to a Mojo/Phone combo this makes sense at the size. HiFiman are now selling it at 99 dollars new. I can run the dap in the dark, the buttons are laid out well and are easy to work out. I had some problems with my SD cards to start with, but I now have a 256gb that plays everything faultlessly. The shuffle function is great. Most importantly, the sound quality of this dap is superb. It plays everything up to my HD800's - the senns sound strained at 31 from the maximum volume of 32. I can run with this in my key pocket of my running trousers. It'll fit anywhere and doesn't suddenly pause etc or fall over like many with side touch buttons. The problem that HiFiMan have in the popularity stakes with this is how cheap it looks. It is finished with sharp edges , in a bland colour , with a very basic looking GUI which rarely shows up the album art. They should be producing a high quality leather case for it. It deserves to be looked after. I've been using it for weeks now. I wish I could've been there at the start of it all. But I'm enjoying music with a new lease of life. No frills just lots of music played through great iems and full sized cans. That'll do for me
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  2. hqssui
    I wish Hifiman will implement some kind of gain control for Megamini in the future firmware. With some of my IEMs, it's hard to adjust the volume to my liking. It's one of the most portable DAP with Small form factor , light weight, physical buttons and importantly with fantastic sq. I find it slightly difficult to operate it blindly(track skipping), when in my jacket's pocket as the track skipping buttons are placed in the middle between 'Menu' and 'Back' buttons, and lack of any space between these four buttons. So I have sticked one of those tiny adhesive rubber feet on one of the track skipping buttons to locate it easily. Another thing that bothers me is that the screen has to be turned on to adjust volume and skip tracks, and there is a noticeable delay
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  3. Takeanidea
    I'd never even dream of track skipping when I'm out and about , well certainly not blindly. Admire your ingenuity in solving that problem. I can get the volume changed while I'm running. And I'm glad there's another in agreement about the sq. Surely that's the most important thing of all?
  4. Dobrescu George
    I agree with this entirely, absolutely an underrated DAP , Megamini. I think it is a love DAP, and if you like a minimalistic approach, it is one of the best there are!
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  5. Dobrescu George
    My review is here, as promised!

    I have taken a love for Megamini actually, I keep my position, this is one of the best minimalistic DAPs there are. I quite like its sound, and really at its 100$ price point, it is a champ! I can't really find many downsides to it, I mean, I am not sensitive to lag or anything like that, and besides that, and the fact that it might hiss with some IEMs, this is a golden DAP. I can't hear hiss with my listening levels anyways, so this is quite amazing for me :darthsmile:



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