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Hifiman HE1000-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. auricgoldfinger
    These days, I don't feel there is any more risk with Hifiman than there is with any other vendor. I believe the problems from a few years ago are behind them. Also, their U.S. customer service is surprisingly responsive.
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  2. kp297
    Ok, you know what. I'm gonna go for it.
  3. gtbrown50
    The HE1000 SE is my first experience with Hifiman products, and so far its been extremely positive. I own several hi end cans, and it easily holds its own not only through sound, but in comfort, appearance and the ownership experience.
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  4. Gibson59
    Been burning in the SE for the past 10 days each night while I sleep and while I’m away at work... guys please make sure you let this headphone burn in before making any critical assessment... WOW. I feel kinda bad for even offering my thoughts prematurely.

    I loved it out of the box and after a few days of burn in I estimated about 5% improvement, but after about 100-150 hours of burn-in I can confidently say that the improvement to my ears is about 8-10% better. Sounds crazy but I swear. Easiest way to describe it is that the entire sound has just bloomed. Everything is smooth but defined, the stage is bigger, smoother highs, lower lows, full mids. Maybe this is standard across headphones after burn-in, but I’ve never experienced it quite to this extent. It’s kinda like any tool I’ve ever had that was top of the line and built with extremely tight tolerances and after some use became smooth as butter.

    The soundstage in particular I’m impressed with because at first it felt a touch closed in compared to the HEKv2. This made for amazing imaging/3D but I missed a little bit of the openness. Well after burn-in it’s right where it needs to be. Not as big as the HEKv2 but not in any way compressed. Also, I really can’t believe how lifelike instruments sound. Piano, violin, guitar, drums, horns, bells etc. The portrayal of instruments is just so real and organic. The details are spot on while treble never getting harsh, the mids are meaty while never bloated. The bass reaches low but never boomy. It’s just perfectly balanced. However I can absolutely say that for some that may like some elements of their sound accentuated this is probably not the headphone for you. If you like a balanced, controlled, composed sound with depth, texture, realism and that still has great energy then get the SE. That element of energy is one things I’m finding really separates the HEKse from the HEKv2. Loved the HEKv2 but by comparison now it feels almost a bit too polite with certain music like rock and hip-hop.

    Apologies for my enthusiasm but that’s just how I am when I like something and it really comes together for me after a lot of effort. I’ve been listening to pop, jazz, blues, classic rock and classical for the past two hours and I’m in sound heaven!

    I’m using both the stock cable and the Lazuli Reference cable terminated in 3.5mm. Most of my comments on how I feel about the SE are with me using the Lazuli Reference.

    While I hate the rubbery texture/feel of the stock cable, it actually compliments the SE very well and I can see many people being content with it. I am very pleasantly surprised. Since the SE has great sensitivity I’ve been listening very contently directly from my phone in bed at night which I never even dreamt of doing with the HEKv2. However, the Lazuli Reference adds greater balance, composure and depth to the sound that I really enjoy. I would say if you want a little more treble energy to the sound plug in the stock cable and if you want what I consider the perfect reference sound use the Lazuli Refence.
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  5. GU1DO
    Same here i am at 70-80hrs burning and it sound smoother and i cant wait to finish the 150hrs ,,
    is the Lazuli Refence copper or silver cable ? i cant find that information .
  6. joseph69
  7. Arniesb
    Its not ofc. Its litz copper.
  8. joseph69
    Maybe I'm missing something?

    Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 10.23.33 AM.png
  9. Arniesb
    Dana page is very confusing... I seen video on Youtube that Dana claimed it is litz design cables. Could be ofc litz...
  10. joseph69
    Litz is woven multi strand wire.
    It's Copper, not Silver, which answers the question @GU1DO was asking.
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  11. Gibson59
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  12. Gibson59
    I believe OFC is the material type and litz refers to the method of cable construction. I may be wrong.
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  13. Arniesb
    Yup. My bad, i just wanted to add that its litz ofc not just ofc.
  14. JaZZ Contributor
    OFC = Oxygen-Free Copper.

    1200 utra-thin, lacquer-insulated OFC wires – that's why it's so expensive.
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  15. koven Contributor
    How close is the SE to Susvara performance?
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