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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. StanD
    I doubt that a short piece of wire is going to be a problem when the impedance is relatively low and there is no gain. If this was a microphone going to a high gain preamp, I'd be more concerned.
  2. StanD
    I'm still waiting for the announcement of a new line of headphone cables made on an assembly line of primates. C'mon Thurston, what gives? Union problems?
  3. daerron
    *sigh*, Stan and there I was looking for an excuse to buy a cheaper cable and you of all people have to burst the bubble... [​IMG] One of these days I'll have to send you a real "visblik"...
  4. StanD
    I prefer anchovies, not sardines. I'll be checking the expiration date on the can.
    I'm not a proponent of overpriced cables, so cheaper is OK as long as it's not junk.
    I'm still waiting for the grand opening of Monkey Cables.
  5. daerron
    Indeed we are!
    Good choice on the anchovies, they are quite great over here, especially on pizza.
    Lets hope we don't end up with an electron traffic jam, once that super speedy conducting cable is in place! The red wire is just the parking lot with a couple of speed bumps thrown in for good measure.
  6. StanD
    The red wire is a test to see if you're cured of babbelas.
  7. ThurstonX
    Given the problems I just had completing a new HFM cable (&$#^%^%$%!  SMC connectors!!), I think I'll lie low for a bit, enjoy it (it lives!!) and the music flowing through it.
    re: the primates and unions, turns out they throw so much schiit around that no union workers would take the job of cleaning it up.  Thus ends Magick Monkey Cables.
  8. eth3rton
    Anyone looking for a as new pair of HE-500's let me know... the search continues for the perfect headset. :|
  9. ThurstonX
    Here's my going away present [​IMG]
  10. Lohb
    If you can solder and your new cable is only for 500's get rid of the SMC + internal cable. The solder points are below the black ring, just make sure the new cable cannot be tugged out.
    "$400 new external cable/25 cents internal cable" No point doing things in halves....
  11. davidsh
    Definitely a point in doing that, as long as you don't know about it you won't mind anyway. Placebo and stuff. Ever thought about the 'wire' in the driver?
  12. StanD
    Sweet, let me know when Rangy is ready to ship them. I'll be waiting.
  13. ThurstonX
    FYI: the photos were your going away present [​IMG]
    I've decided that the cable makers know exactly what they're doing.  Magick Monkey Cables hereby announces a drastic price increase.  Still less than the big boys, who, of course, have a big experience gap over me.
  14. ThurstonX
    Just put the black version of one these on my HE-500s
    Yes, it's wool, but being "merino" wool (see caveat, below), it feels very soft out of the package.  It will seem warmer than other pads, but even in my warm upstairs Lab it's not itchy.  It definitely provides nice padding.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merino says:

    "The term merino is widely used in the textile industries, but it cannot be taken to mean the fabric in question is actually 100% merino wool from a Merino strain bred specifically for its wool. The wool of any Merino sheep, whether reared in Spain or elsewhere, is "merino wool". However, not all merino sheep produce wool suitable for clothing, and especially for clothing worn next to the skin. This depends on the particular strain of the breed."
    The seller claims its pure wool, and who am I to argue.  For $10, I doubt you will, either.
  15. Liu Junyuan

    I have been waiting for over two weeks on mine. Can't wait to try them out! Also got that black.
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