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Hifiman Edition X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jozurr, Oct 2, 2015.
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  1. Sound Eq
    thanks so much that was really helpful
  2. sanity8me
    I also think it's more of a blessing, unlike a lot of reviews/impressions. Wouldn't be surprised if that's the direction most headphone companies are aiming towards for the near future.
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  3. sanity8me
    Seems like the negatives aren't that big of a deal to someone like me, especially now that I'm seeing more and more praise for the build quality. That was my biggest fear. Hopefully I didn't jinks myself.

    I also think that I'll be pleasantly surprised with their low end response. That's another fear I have, especially after a few years enjoying what the JH16's offered here with 4 dedicated drivers just for the lows.

    What kind of improvements do you see with their low end response when plugging into your mojo and dragon fly?
  4. DancingShade
    Quick question: The outer grill of the Edition X looks very open and there doesn't appear to be much stopping dust getting into the drivers - is that an issue?
  5. arielext
    So far it hasn't changed the sound at all. Right behind the grill is a piece of meshed plasticy cloth that keeps most of the dust from gaining into contact with the driver.
    As seen on this picture:
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  6. DancingShade
    Ah I see. I guess that does look like a pretty fine mesh. Thanks!
  7. Per1963
    Do any one know if the Edition x is a good match for the Matrix M-Stage HPA-3B????
  8. Pakalini
    New Mrspeakers AEON FLOW open-back gonna blow HEX/HEK easy :-D And the price is on point.
  9. Per1963
    Have you tested them
    Only 13 Ohm Impedance
  10. endgame
    Uhh, no.
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  11. BuddhaBruce
    Hmm I would think very different headphones... I heard soundstage on the Aeon open is pretty mediocre and comparable to the closed variant... That said I did just pick up a pair of Aeon Opens after I sold my closed, yet I've always been interested in the Hex
  12. Hedonism
    Nah. I've demo'd the Aeon Flow Opens. While they're priced very fairly and perform very decently, the soundstage is much smaller in the AFOs. Though the tuning was quite similar to my ears, the HEX was a more laid back expansive experience due to the soft character and large soundstage, whereas the AFO was a more upfront intimate experience. Different strokes for different folks; the HEX did much better in orchestral for instance.
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  13. knopi
    You would like to or you read it somewhere :smiley:.
  14. BuddhaBruce
    Which do you prefer? Hows the bass on the two?
  15. sanity8me
    Would the Oppo PM-3's compliment the HEX v2?

    I'm considering returning my 1more Quad Drivers because of comfort and peaky treble concerns. In general, I think I need a break from the world of IEMs. So now I'm contemplating PM-3's as my portable headset as well as for those times when I can't leak noise like in bed while my wife is sleeping or in close proximity to my sleeping baby.
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