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  1. Maelob
    if you are sensitive to the peaky treble - PM-3 should be ok since they have very relaxed treble -but still with good detail. I personally prefer the Sines, they have a little more oomph and more extended treble than the PM-3 but they are not as comfortable.
  2. sanity8me
    Comfort is key for me. This is why I may be taking an extended break from IEMs or anything else that goes inside your ear.

    I'm actually now considering B&O H6 2nd gen - from what I'm reading they seem to be more "fun" and not as neutral as the PM-3 which is something I feel I could appreciate for a portable set, especially if I'll be getting the HEX v2 for home use. Unfortunately not seeing too many discussions on them on this site. 2nd gen are supposedly a significant improvement over the originals.
  3. LugBug1
    Just spent a week with my LCD2's and now have the HEX on my head as I go through my customary friday new releases on Qobuz. (my favourite time of the week)

    All my comparisons with the HEX have been with the HD800, so thought it might be helpful comparing them to another well established planar. I've known and loved the LCD2.2 for a long time and now own my second pair. I'm not interested in any of the fazors as I don't see why you would fix what isn't broken. The Audeze are great at what they do, they are not a versatile headphone like the HEX but what they do good they do very good! Electronic music foremost is spot on - the lower registers, the balanced mids and rolled off treble is perfect for this type of music. I also love jazz on the LCD2 too. The intimate but still big (big as in instrument size and large sound) soundstage capped with the rich chocolatey sound has always charmed my ears.

    The HEX to my ears now, is like putting the HD800 on after a week of the HD650 in comparison. Much more airier and open. Everything is a notch brighter. But the biggest improvement is the control and decay. The Audeze spill warmth out the bottom up through the mids which is nice - but not technically great (some may argue this point, but compared to the HEX this is what they do!). The controlled detail in the mids of the HEX is on a different level. Also is the realism again, I'm still to hear anything that sounds as realistic as the HIFIMAN's with natural timbre and vocals, both solo and choral.

    The bass of the LCD2's is something else. This is a fact - who cares if its neutral when it is this much fun! The HEX in comparison gives a healthier dosage of low end and a more realistic one. Both are as tight as each other but the Audeze is pronounced more prominently at the lowest registers. Electronic music such as 'Rone' new release "Mirapolis" (been listening to this all week - fantastic producer) sounds much more effective and "fun" on the audeze in general, apart from the ambient parts where the HEX larger breathing space sounds more effective. The mids and treble of the Audeze also wins here. The HEX can pronounce sharper edges - 'sharper' with synthetic sounds. The HEX is clearer with more detail - but just not as easy on the ears.

    However, with the exception of Electronic music (and the fun factor that comes with LCD2) the HEX is on another level. The price new here in the uk is a couple of hundred pound difference. I would put the HEX as double the difference in sound quality overall. Unlike the difference between say, the HD650 to the HD800 where some may prefer the darker friendlier sound of the former. The difference between the HEX and the Audeze is much more a case of technical superiority. Both headphones are trying to do the same thing; to be neutral but with a little "fun" added at the expense of purist technicalities.

    At this stage - the HEX is my best buy to date. Expensive, but worth every penny. (even if I can hear my wallet quietly swearing in the background )

    Happy listening HEXERS! :)
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  4. FastAndClean
    Lou is my favorite track from that album, auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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  5. LugBug1
    The whole album is fantastic mate, as is 'Creatures' :) There are few really great electronic producers that get my attention and he is one. Love a bit of James Blake as well...
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  6. FastAndClean
    i am downloading the 'Creatures' now, you got me interested
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  7. FastAndClean
    i am using HifiMan HE 500 not the X, but hey, he500 is good also :floatsmile:
  8. Maelob
    Listening to it right now, wow really cool never head of Rone before. love the build up of "Lou" . thanks for the recommendation
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  9. LugBug1
    Heres a pic to follow up from my impressions above. Happy saturday :) 20171111_161427.jpg
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  10. sanity8me
    Awesome comparison. Thank you.

    Even though they're not at the level of the LCD2's for electronic music, how do the HEX's fare in this genre in general?
  11. doraymon
    I think the HEX shine in imaging and dynamics. Also, they give a fantastic sense of airiness to the music and all these characteristics are better appreciated in live or instrumental music, human voices etc. This is the territory where the HEX beat the LCD2's (and many other for that matter...).
    With electronic music where punch and tight bass are probably more important the HEX does a very decent job but is less strong for sure.
    You will probably miss a tad of punch and energy in this field, that's when I normally switch to my closed back Ether C Flow's.
    my 2 cents...
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  12. LugBug1
    This^^ Can't really add much more :)

    Thanks for the compliment Sanity8me!
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  13. sanity8me
    Thanks. I'm sure I'll be impressed nonetheless.

    There's also electronic music that's more moody than it is fast paced. Great example is Moby's Inside. Wonder how it sounds on the HEX compared to low end heavy weights like the LCD2's or Ether C Flow's.
  14. doraymon
    I can do an A:B for you with that album using HEX and Ether C Flow, however it isn't really meaningful if you consider that the Ether C are closed back cans.
  15. sanity8me
    Oh dude it's cool - unless of course you'd personally get a kick out of it. I was just wondering how they'd compare with slow paced moody electronic music. "Inside" just came to mind cause I was recently listening to it.

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