HiBy RS6 Android DAP - Snapdragon 660, 4+64GB, 5” full HD, Darwin R2R, FIR, NOS, MQA 16x, copper chassis
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Apr 27, 2017
Greetings Head-Fi! The arrival of HiBy's next-generation Hi-Res Android Player, the RS6, is just around the corner. This thread will feature the latest information about the all-new 'Darwin' architecture, along with anything else we learn about the player before its official release. It will also serve as the impressions thread once the player is available. Expect more news and information leading up to the official release in early September. Meanwhile, enjoy the eye candy below.


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From what I can find, it's rumored to be the same size as R6 2020, likely a bit heavier with it's copper case, R2R DAC architecture and over 1/2 again as expensive as the R6 2020.
All the official info and pricing will be posted here just as soon as I have it.
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I love the idea of Hiby offering a R2R dap. It makes alot of sense with the global chip shortage but also to reach a new level of manufacturing. In simple terms the R2R architecture was developed in the 1980's and should be easy to execute. But the reality is to properly implement this design is actually very challenging. Then you also deal with the space limitations of a dap and this idea becomes even harder to execute correctly. I hope and I believe Hiby will do the right thing here and use very very high quality internal components. This architecture separates the men from the mice. You must use the highest quality thin film resistors and other high quality parts to pull this off correctly. It will require a totally different mindset from the standard delta-sigma architecture that is so common. But if this is made correctly this can be the type of device that can be very special indeed.
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Thanks @gLer for the thread. I’m really interested in what HiBy are doing with this new RS.
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Can't wait for actual info from the source. I have liked r2r DACs for some time but really, delta/sigma is so good now that execution is everything. I'm just happy that it looks to have kept the R6 profile. If it were R8 or the expanded size of other flagships, it wouldn't be on my interest list.
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