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hfb - Bounce House - chat aka shtpost central

Discussion in 'MuppetFace' started by muppetface, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. Idsynchrono_24
    Oh man... I'd kill to see the Distant Worlds tour. I have I and II and I listen to them all the time. Fabulous recordings of some of my favorite OSTs. I'd love to be able to hear "Dancing Mad" and "Fisherman's Horizon" live just once. Would also pay to hear Sagisu Shirou's Evangelion tracks live. 
  2. C.C.S.
    You should get Returning Home and Distant Worlds III, as well. Some FFXIII and FFXIV tracks are thrown into the mix. Also, Returning Home was recorded live from one or two concerts and has Dancing Mad in its track listing. It's definitely worth a listen, along with Battle On The Big Bridge from FFV. Tremendous sound. If only the recordings were just a little more dynamic, like 20020220. Then they would really be perfect.
  3. jgray91

    Ooh nice. As it is, I can't disagree with what you said.
  4. Idsynchrono_24

    Yeah, have not looked into DW III yet, nor Returning Home but I'll have to do so. I'm not particularly interested in the series' OST beyond the SNES/PSX/PS2 iterations though. Wasn't a fan of the XIII OST, and I never got into any of the MMORPGs. Have you ever heard the Nier soundtrack? That game had some pretty glorious music. 
  5. Mimouille
    I...can't...it's too strong...must buy pretty DAP...argghhhjj
    warrenpchi likes this.
  6. C.C.S.
    I quite enjoyed the FFXIII soundtrack. My least favourite thus far has been FFX (really X-2 was even worse, but I ignore that it is a game). FFIX and FFXIII are probably my favourite Final Fantasy OSTs and FFXIV is pretty great as well. FFXV OST is going to be the best in the series when it's released, though. Without a doubt. Yoko Shimomura should be the only person allowed to compose music for Final Fantasy from now on, until she decides she doesn't want to anymore.
  7. DigitalFreak

    Join AA, Audiophiles Anonymous. They make life a little more livable. Last weeks meeting we all sat in a circle and showed off our $700 headphones. Not bad considering last year we were all buying $1400 headphones
  8. Mimouille
    Warren, I know being a mod is not easy, but joining up against that guy in the Noble (but not so Noble thread) was not nice IMO.
  9. C.C.S.
    I agree. It was disappointing to see that kind of behavior on yet another thread where John Moulton has been the center of attention. I don't think that guy said anything out of line at any point and he was being quite respectful while requesting information. I'm surprised that he apologized to "The Wizard" after all of that. It looked to me like people were trying to chase him out of the thread or to shut him up.
  10. jgray91
    So yesterday there was a show or something for the Samsung Galaxy S6. I know there's not a lot of phone junkies here, but I have to say, this is the closest iPhone with android I've felt. I, like many others it seems, thinks that the iPhone 4/4S is a much better feeling-in-the-hand than the newer ones, and I felt that the S6 and S6 Edge is very close to that. If the Samsung devices are a bit more weighty, I think it'd be perfect.

    I don't get a lot of time to play with the phone too much. There's too many people around and I don't really like a salesperson helicoptering me. The screen is gorgeous as ever. Maybe the colours are over saturated but I don't care because the colours is just so in your face and beautiful. The Edge feels even amazing with the curved glass. Sliding from right and left is just so smooth. The metal sides feels a bit thinner and sharper, but not too sharp as to be uncomfortable. Maybe it will in the long run.

    Didn't get to test the camera much, but the stuff I tried it's pretty impressive. The start up to first capture is bloody fast, but I didn't get it to auto focus properly lol. The burst works well, but yet again, the autofocus there isn't too spiffy. Maybe I just moved too fast. The slow motion mode though works pretty well. The salesperson was holding the phone with the mode, and I waved my hand in front of the camera fast enough. The result made it seem like I waved my hands "normally" like waving goodbye to a friend going back home.

    Overall though, I think if I'm in the market for a 5 inch or so screen phone, this is the one to get if you have the dosh. It's making me reconsider from getting a used Note 4...

    I don't think the beauty and aesthetic of the Edge is worth it than the S6. If it's more like the Note Edge, maybe as it's actually a "different" screen for the edge. But for thes S6 Edge, it's more like the screen is extended a bit and the contents is curved a bit towards the side with a few gimmicky Edge function borrowed from the Note Edge.

    If I have the dosh though, I'd get the Note Edge instead.
  11. Mimouille
    My issue with Samsung is battery. My S4 was awful for this...I much prefer my current 1+, lasts a day and a half.
  12. DigitalFreak
    For some reason I could never get into Samsung handsets or any other type of Androids. I've kind of lost most of my interest in the iPhone too. Meh, nowadays I just see the commercials from whoever and think, "just another fancy looking phone." My technocrat side has so lost a lot of interest in various things  
  13. gikigill
    Try out the newer Samsung's. The Note 4 and Galaxy S6 are fantastic when it comes to battery life. I have to try and get the S6 to run out and even the Note runs for a day plus easily.
  14. ardgedee
    This is both true and disingenuous. We are in control of our actions, but we don't live in a vacuum either. It's natural to want to get involved in something that others seem enthusiastic about, or to become curious about something and want to know more about it.
    For me, the best perspective to develop about audio equipment has been to dispense with the notion of an end-game system. Think in terms of the changes you can make that improve or alter the sound in interesting and useful ways. That can seem difficult when you're hanging around with people (virtually or otherwise) discussing their preferences in cables that cost more than the system you can afford, but it's also liberating... there is a lot more to explore and learn from at your budget than theirs. You'll still be improving your listening system within your means, no matter how slowly and deliberately you have to do it, and that exploring is when audio as a hobby is the most fun.
  15. C.C.S.
    Well, after seeing what I've seen in the Wizard thread, I think I can comfortably say that I will not buy a Noble Audio product. I'm aware that their products are of high quality and I'm sure their customer service is probably very good, but I can't handle the general attitude of that thread at all. That company has an ego more intense than JHA.
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