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Help with Soundmagic E10 incompatibility with Fiio E11?

  1. boliud
    I own the fiio e11 and soundmagic e10.  Just got them about 2 weeks ago.  I have tried the fiio e11 with my panasonic rp-htf890 and it works perfectly (very minimal hissing).  Its impedance is 50 Ohm.  However when using the fiio e11 with soundmagic e10, there is more hissing particularly on the right channel when EQ 1 and 2 are used: sounds like some variable wind tunnel - even on low power mode and low gain.  This problem only happens when EQ1 and 2 are on, and is non-existent at EQ0.  It also only happens on the right channel of the earbud.  This is a small sound but it's definitely noticeable.  Not as noticeable to unnoticeable when music is playing but when the music is paused, it's audible.  I guess it's tolerable because it's a small sound.  Can anybody check the E10 with the Fiio e11 for this?  Cell phone and laptop both used to test this for me.  I'm considering returning E10's for something of similar price range.  Wondering if my particular E10 could be defective?  Anybody know how to solve this?
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I just checked for you, the hissing is almost inaudible unless I have E11 set to 8/8 (song paused) and is even on both channels. It's still present even with the EQ off though becomes slightly louder with EQ1 - EQ2. I'm not sure how quiet your room is but here it's not much hiss at all, no more than what comes from the amp alone with other IEM's remembering even at 8/8 there wasn't much.
  3. boliud
    Yes there is a slight hiss when you pair the two together on setting EQ0.  However as soon as you turn on EQ1, there is slightly more hiss with an additional signal(s) that sounds like a crumpling of tissue paper to a lesser degree.  This additional signal crumpling sound is only present on the right channel of the earbud and is the same volume at EQ2 setting.  Also, the volume of this additional signal does not change when adjusting the volume pot on the Fiio e11.  Thus, I am confused as whether or not this is a defect of the soundmagic e10's since my e11 works well with the panasonic rp-htf890's.  However, in speaking of the audio quality of the E10's, it is more bass dominant anyways so I may not need to use an amp with it anyways unless I get an urge and want more bass on some tracks... However, when the music is on it's almost unnoticeable depending on what's going on in the song and how layered it is. 
    I'd also like to say that the audio quality is good, but not really that impressive on the E10's.  the treble isn't as detailed and refined with finesse but bass and mids are nice and seem accurate.  I usually listen to music with my over-ear open panasonic rp-htf890 anyways and those have pretty great treble and are a bit bass lacking, so I amp that with the Fiio e11 EQ1 or EQ2 and if I need additional bass, I could use software enhancements such as equalizer or izotope ozone or bbe sonic maximizer.  Most of the time I use WASAPI with Foobar2000 with no DSP's for a clean signal.
  4. boliud
    Oh and what did you mean by 8/8?
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor

    8/8 = full volume on E11.
  6. Xinn3r
    the E10, like most other IEM's, are designed to be drived from a PMP, as generally many people doesn't use amps with MP3 players.
    That's why the E10, again, like most other IEM's, have low impendance and high sensitivity.
    The high sensitivity is what makes your E10 hisses with the E11.
    The E11 itself is pretty hissy, coupled with a sensitive IEM, it will become more audible.
    I suggest using the E10 straight away without the E11, because it's efficient enough and doesn't particularly benefit from amping too much.

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