Help with PS4 setup/gear advice
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May 22, 2019
Hey all, my Sony Gold headset is finally on its last leg, and i'm looking to upgrade. Bare in mind, I know absolutely 0 about the headphones+amp+mic ordeal, and i've read an unbelievable amount of posts and I am even more confused now, This is strictly for ps4 gaming(mostly shooting games, and hearing footsteps/shooting/in game sounds and where exactly its at) I have no intention on streaming, or listening to music while playing, I just want to play my game, thats it.

A mic is 100% required. and I also use the 'party chat' on ps4 100%. So my goal is to have quality in game sound, while being able to utilize the party chat on the ps4. This is where I got confused. I also play on TV, not a monitor, so longer cords would help, but I can just buy a longer ps4 power cord and longer Ethernet and HDMI and move my ps4 closer to me if necessary.

I feel like the astro a40/mixamp is the 'easiest' way to do this, but I rather have quality/performance. Ive read up on dac and amps and sound cards but I have no idea what is what.

I do have a regular ps4, so I do have the optical port on the back

Budget- All in no more then $300-350?.

Source/Amp- you decide, please, again, I don't know what's what

Gear use- strictly ps4, primarily shooting games for footsteps/ingame noise

Past gear- some $20 'gaming' headset, worked 'fine' but was obviously very dull as it was plugged into the dualshock 4. and the Sony Gold headset, which sounded 'good' but the built in mic is absolutely terrible according to my party chat friends.

I apologize for being so unaware, I've tried to read as much as I can but I dont know whats what, or even how to put everything together and set it up properly.

If someone could type up some DIY set up for me, or atleast link me to a thread with someone in my same position I would be forever grateful. Thanks, I've tried searching on youtube and what not, but I can seem to only find people who want to stream or play music at the same time.
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Aug 21, 2013
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I use an Astro Mixamp 2013 Pro+Antlier ModMic+Philips Fidelio X1 out of an original PS4.

A couple things to be aware of....

Open backs headphones will give you a better staging than closed backs,however I was getting a feedback loop from noise leaking from my X1s back into my ModMic,thus creating an echo. I fixed that issue by covering one side of the mic opening with dbl sided tape.

The X1s are a good balance of detail,staging and bass,but if detail retrieval is the most important aspect I would suggest an AKG K702. The problem then becomes will the Astro amp have enough volume for you to drive the AKG loud enough? To solve this issue i bi-amped the Astro with a 2nd amp,so I went:

PS4>Astro>2nd amp.

The Astro did the 7.1 decoding which came thru the 2nd amp.

For the mic and headphone to work together you will need a mic/headset Y-splitter cable.

You can always look into a used Sennheiser HD700,but that probably will take up most of your budget.

Have you tried reading/asking in this thread?

EDIT: IMO an upgraded DAC just for gaming is a waste of funds on such a low budget.
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Sep 1, 2011
Audio Technica ATH-AD700(X) headphones.
Astro Mix-amp or Creative Labs external sound card.

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