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Help out please! My GF eyes on Frends’ new headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 15, 2013.
  1. JamesM
    are these headphones only good for looking at or are they also pleasant to your ears?
    cos' my gf thinks they look really cool and keeps asking me to get her a set.
    recently i can hardly make the ends meet so looking for some second opinions here.
    any reviews are greatly appreciated.
  2. blackstone
    i dont even think they are good to look at
  3. wolfetan44
  4. JamesM
    neither do i, but unfortunately my gf thinks otherwise.
    she'll probably castrate me if i verbal out my thoughts.
  5. nylan8301
    They just can't sound that great at $200 (according to the website). They have no technical information, nor do they offer any description of the sound quality. You would be better off buying something like the Audio Technica ES7 or the Panasonic rp-htx7. They will more than likely sound better and are considerably cheaper.
    You could also look into the Pioneer SE-MJ21
    Here is a link to Audio Cubes:
    The champagne-colored pair looks pretty similar.
    In general, have her look at Audio Cubes. They have tons of fashionable import headphones from Japan.
  6. blownsi
    If she wants them and they are only $200 buy them for her and make her happy.  Seriously you could spend decades trying to explain why they aren't what you'd buy but are wasting your time.   
  7. blackstone
    i agree with this.  sometimes the new to make mistakes.  and who knows, maybe she will like the sound
  8. JamesM
    it reamins a real mystery to me as to how it manages to find its way to the Apple store. while it is true it offers no technical info whatsoever, but it doesn't allow any trial runs either. i have looked everywhere on the web, though no such luck on locating any relevant info so far.
    anyway thanks for offering the options, man! 
  9. milford30
    I assume you are looking at the "taylor" model, try a google search on that....
    here's the first forum result:
  10. JamesM
  11. Headphonez231
    In terms of sound quality, there are definitely better headphones for that price point.  However, I suspect that your girlfriend cares more about style then she does sound. This headphone has been incredibly popular among women, especially since celebrities starting wearing them.
    If you are tight for funds, why not get her the Layla model?  They are a bit smaller and cheaper and still have the same style.
    Chapters sells them
    Apple sells them
    Experience Headphones lets you try them on and listen if you are in Vancouver
    I think Nordstroms will be carrying them as well
  12. Aizura
    Just get her a pair of Beyer DT100, they go well with all the Apple white stuff.
  13. nick n
    or the new Vmodas, I think there is a white one, and if you get direct form Vmoda you can cutomize the badges with something you know she likes. or even gold?
  14. fengwei007

    +1 on this. Not everyone cares too much about sound quality, well, as long as they are not too bad. Just get one for her if she really wants it. Most guys here don't like the Beats, but many other people do.
  15. silentmoon
    GF is the greatest , get it for her. She likes it and she'll use, not you ! Why have to hesitate ? :D 

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