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Help on Philips SHP9500S, Grado Sr60e, Superlux HD681 under $80

  1. elninyo
    Budget : $100ish. I am from Uzbekistan so prices are higher compared to the USA.

    Source: HTC One M8 or laptop

    Usage: Just for music. Not interested in gaming or sound engineering. Soundstage and clarity is important.

    Genres: Pop, some rap. Mainly listen to Top50 charts and some rap (Eminem).

    I don't have an experience with high quality headphones, so I have nothing to compare to.

    All I could find in local stores are SH9500S($85), Sr60e($95) and HD681($30 used).

    Which one would be a better suit for modern pop music (not EDM or HipHop)?
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    HD681 has more bass than the other two. That said the mids on the Philips and Grado are great (ie vocals and most of the percussion), so if you're not into the kind of hip hop that gangstas play out of them Escalades with 20in Spinnerz and four 15in Audiobahn woofas in the rear shaking windows on a two block radius (and nobody reports, because who the hell reports people who can come back and do a drive by shooting on your house), then those are still options.

    Between those two though Grado is easier to take apart and maintain with more modders, factory spare parts, compatible replacement earpads that don't need modding, etc. By contrast Philips doesn't even sell replacement earpads let alone replacement drivers (if you can even take them apart without breaking something).
  3. Mhog55
    See if you can source a pair of Cleer DU dual driver headphones. These will sound really good with your genres. They sound good for pretty much everything imo. Best sub 100 dollar cans I've owned. They can be found for 70 bucks. download.jpeg
  4. Cruelhand Luke
    My vote is for the SHP9500s. They are more comfortable (over ear vs on ear). The bass on them is going to be better, especially if you upgrade the pads to HM5 style hybrids, which I recommend. (I know there are some on Ali that are $15 or less) The earpads are easily replaced, and there are lots of options out there, so the fact that they don't have factory replacements available is a non issue. As far as the drivers, I don't know about factory replacements being available, but I also haven't heard of anyone needing or even wanting to replace the drivers, so I think that's another non issue.
    I don't have experience with the Grados, so I can't definitely say one way or the other if the Phillips sound better, I just know that 9500s are a very good sounding headphone, and with some simple mods they are pretty fantastic.
  5. elninyo
    I couldn't find them in my local store
  6. elninyo
    How do you compare it to the Superlux?
  7. Cruelhand Luke
    They are close, the HD681 sound nearly as good, but the mids are much better on the 9500s. They are more forward, warmer, fuller...it's a more fleshed out sound. When I listen to them back to back the Superlux sound a little thin and airy compared to the 9500s. The 9500s are better in just about every way, but only by a little ...EXCEPT for the mids, that's where they really outshine the Superlux.
    The pads are terrible on the Superlux, you would have to replace them...I had the same pads on both headphones, Senitek hybrids. With both of them wearing hybrids I think the bass on the 9500s were better. I wound up giving my Superlux HD681 to a friend because I always wound up listening to the 9500s instead of them.

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