1. E

    Help on Philips SHP9500S, Grado Sr60e, Superlux HD681 under $80

    Budget : $100ish. I am from Uzbekistan so prices are higher compared to the USA. Source: HTC One M8 or laptop Usage: Just for music. Not interested in gaming or sound engineering. Soundstage and clarity is important. Genres: Pop, some rap. Mainly listen to Top50 charts and some rap (Eminem)...
  2. ostewart


    So last year I bought some Grado SR60e, not being able to leave them as stock I bought some Spalted Tamarind cups from a fellow headfier. They are Rholupat made cups and have beautiful wood grain. So I then installed SMC connectors in the cups, to allow for detachable cables, and got a Shipibo...
  3. briluster

    Budget Grado recable (non-DIY)?

    I have the Grado SR60e and really enjoy it. However, I can’t stand the length of the cable. I prefer cable length of around 1.2m, whether I wear the cans around the house or while out & about. The Grado’s cable length is annoying, as I still move about when wearing them at home and they get in...