1. SkyBleu

    Philips SHP9500 (Mod House Audio & MrSpeakers Mod)

    Just after letting go of my Philips SHP9500 as I never really used them too often being in a noisy home where open-ended headphones weren't too ideal. I modified them myself with the following: - Mod House Audio 3D Printed Earcups (epoxy'd onto the headphones) - Mod House Audio MrSpeakers...
  2. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Philips SHP9500S w/ V-Moda Boom Pro Mic

    SOLD!! I bought these new and have owned them for almost 2 years. In that time I have put only ~40 hours on them. They are essentially still new. The Boom Pro has about 20 hours on it. Due to their light use, they are in like new condition. They will come in their original box. The Boom Pro...
  3. caenlenfromOCN


    thanks! I am located in Indiana, USA
  4. E

    Help on Philips SHP9500S, Grado Sr60e, Superlux HD681 under $80

    Budget : $100ish. I am from Uzbekistan so prices are higher compared to the USA. Source: HTC One M8 or laptop Usage: Just for music. Not interested in gaming or sound engineering. Soundstage and clarity is important. Genres: Pop, some rap. Mainly listen to Top50 charts and some rap (Eminem)...
  5. Electrolite

    Philips SHP9500 upgrade/sidegrade?

    Hello, I would like some help to get a new headphone, I would like something under 150 dollars, not having to use an amp is a plus as well. I used to love bass but some time with the SHP changed how I listen to music. I like the signature of it, I just use the EQ to bring the bass up a little...
  6. thegreatpeng

    [FS/T] akg k7xx, ath m50, phillips shp9500

    AKG K7XX: used no more than 20 hours. in good working condition. from a non-smoking house. come only with cans and cord. 120$ plus shipping. M50: in good working condition. The original cord was split into 2, one 3 ft part connected to the can and an extra 6 ft extension cable, for ease of use...
  7. jurumal

    FS: Many Headphones featuring the Focal Elear

    I have the majority of my beloved collection on here for sale. Unfortunately for me, the lack of money has caught up to me. Fortunately, I have some deals for you guys that are interested. Focal Elear --- $700. Comes with the stock anaconda of a cable (3m OFC) and NEOMUSICIA 1.5m cable ($17...
  8. Yogibear91

    shp9500 trade / potential sale

    I have just bought some philips shp9500 and after listening to them feel that in my opinion they lack to much low end with too high a bump in the low mids. this being said they did pack tons of detail, had plenty of energy and are a class comfy hi-res headphone, just not my kind of sound...
  9. -iKa-


  10. Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

    Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

    Lightweight in design and ergonomically fitting, Aurvana Live! is perfect for music on the move or enjoying your entertainment at home. The cutting edge bio-cellulose driver technology and acoustic tuning deliver accurate, high-definition audio. Sharp transients and dynamic passages are handled...