1. Alku

    Recabling made sound worse - possible error?

    Hello, Recently i came in possesion of HD681's and liking the sound, i decided to see if i could improve it with some simple mods, one of which being replacing the yanky wires leading to the driver with something more substantial. Using a van damme starquad cable, it has 4 conductors inside, so...
  2. E

    Help on Philips SHP9500S, Grado Sr60e, Superlux HD681 under $80

    Budget : $100ish. I am from Uzbekistan so prices are higher compared to the USA. Source: HTC One M8 or laptop Usage: Just for music. Not interested in gaming or sound engineering. Soundstage and clarity is important. Genres: Pop, some rap. Mainly listen to Top50 charts and some rap (Eminem)...