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Help, buying earbuds soon.

  1. zachderieu
    I got the beats by dre about 2 months ago, and they always go bad. They bass was pretty good, but somewhat distorted, and the treble wasnt good at all, im returning them for full price tomorrow, so ill have upto 150$ to buy good earbuds. So far ive heard the bose ie2 and image s4's were the choice to go, can someone find me an earbud for 150 or less, that would be at bestbuy? Thank you

    Id prefer better lows, mids, and highs, with a noticable bass, but not super overpowering, i listen to alot of alternative / punk / pop (Like paramore, papa roach) and alot of hard rock (acdc, zeppelin, sabbith etc), bass would be nice though, i listen to some rap, dubstep, dance music, so those would have to sound subpar - good too
  2. yello131
    RE252 , Radius DDM, Final Audio Piano Forte II
  3. Ikarios
    Best Buy has a pretty terrible selection of IEMs, but from browsing their online inventory a couple piqued my interest - the Phiaton PS210, AKG IEM models (K340 and K330), and a Denon C360. I don't know much about any of them but amongst all the crap I had to wade through these were pretty much the only ones to stand out.
  4. jtaylor991
    Best Buy carries the Klipsch Image S4's. The bass matches what you want. It can have amazing impact if called for, but it's not overpowering. The rest of the range is plenty detailed for the price (around $80 I think).
    Then again, I don't really look for high quality when I am getting some cheap IEMs. They should be OK if you don't need an immense amount of detail on the go.
    Hey, they're sub $100 and for that price they are great to me. Not sure about what genres they strive at because I mainly use them for hip hop and they are fine.
  5. jpmilner
    I have been using the s4 for two years now and I finally gave up on Klipsch and started recabling them myself. They are the worst build quality headphones that I have ever owned. If you were upset with the quality of the beats be prepared for more headache with the s4.

    In short... These are not the headphones you are looking for.
  6. jtaylor991
    They're fine for me so far (have had them 3-4 months max). Then again, many people love Shure and the SE215 IEMs for their price/performance ratio, but I am not buying Shure anymore because the left one went out all of a sudden, and I wanted them for a trip the next morning.
    Would have been two weeks at the manufacturer and the shipping cost to have them fixed, but I returned them to Amazon having a few days left on the return and got these S4s at Best Buy that night and I'm satisfied.
    I miss the fit of the Shures though because these can fall out when you sweat a lot, usch as mowing the grass in the summer like I use them for.
    To each his own, I guess.

  7. LegendaryLvl1
    for earbuds, you can't go past the Apple IBuds.
  8. alfonsobarbe23
    does a portable headset really require earbuds?

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