1. zachderieu

    Help, buying earbuds soon.

    I got the beats by dre about 2 months ago, and they always go bad. They bass was pretty good, but somewhat distorted, and the treble wasnt good at all, im returning them for full price tomorrow, so ill have upto 150$ to buy good earbuds. So far ive heard the bose ie2 and image s4's were the...
  2. Xozz

    decent ampless iems for under 100?

    So I tried searching but I couldn't really find any conclusive results in my price range. Short story long, I'm looking for a nice pair of iems which I could drive directly from my ipod classic. Price ceiling is 100 bucks, but if theres anything around the 60-70 dollar range that would be even...
  3. YAT00

    AKG-330 - Horrible sound on a newly purachased set

    Hi all.   I have recently purchased a new pair of AKG-330 IEMs for 50$.   Firstly hearing them i was deeply dissapointed by the poor quality sound which was mainly due to dull basses and over-sharp trebles.   After several listens i could sense a sharp 'spike' somewhere around...
  4. DMC_S2000

    AKG K330 or Sennheiser Cx 500 GAME??

    Hi everyone...I'm having trouble deciding which I should get between this two...a little help here? Priority is Sound Quality... oh and disregard the price talk....
  5. sky04

    Upgrading from Creative's EP-830

    Hello folks, today I am forced to upgrade from my EP-830's cause the cable died. So, here's a question for you: Which of these two are better? Sennheiser CX300-II Precision or AKG K-330?
  6. AKG K 330 In-Canal Bud Headphone - Wasp

    AKG K 330 In-Canal Bud Headphone - Wasp

    When you want a really personal listening experience and don't want to carry any extra weight, the ultra lightweight AKG K 330 in-ear canal headphones are the perfect choice. Tipping the scales at only 3 grams, they still deliver true AKG performance - high-output sound and excellent frequency...